Voting twice?

The famous “they”.

Maybe some people are saying that, but more intelligent analysts say what you say. Look, if you have it figured out then I am quite sure the Party Grand Poobah’s know it too.

1000 people in South CAroline or Georgia…i forget now…posted on news this am… voted morethan once. 60% of them were democrats. Got their names it seems. They’re facing prison time and fines. I hope they get it.


Yes, I hope everyone that votes twice is charged and has their day in court.

And when millions of Trump supporters do the same at the President’s request, I hope you still feel the same.

Except he hasn’t…and he wouldn’t. The left can’t do anything BUT lie.

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And yet I posted TWO examples of doing it and no one has addressed why I’m wrong other than to say, NUH UH…

Watch the first 20 or so seconds…You’ll see he says, “…let them send it in [the mail in ballot] let them go vote and if the system is as good as they say it is then obviously they won’t be able to vote…”

So how am I lying?

Here is a transcript you can easily Google.

“They had some interesting polls. I don’t know, do I like it or don’t I like it, I guess I probably do, but they say no matter what it is, there are more votes for Trump because a lot of people say, “Just leave me alone, I’m going to vote the way I want to vote.” And then they go and they vote for Trump. On your ballots, if you get the unsolicited ballots, send it in and then go make sure it counted, and if it doesn’t tabulate, you vote. You just vote. And then if they tabulate it very late, which they shouldn’t be doing, they’ll see you voted so it won’t count. So send it in early and then go and vote and if it’s not tabulated, you vote and the vote is going to count. You can’t let them take your vote away. These people are playing dirty politics, dirty politics.”*

The only people lying are those calling me a lair.

The best you could possibly do here is claim you don’t believe that was his intention. But if that is the case, then it just shows how incredibly inept and incompetent he is.

First, the ENTIRE PREMISE of what rump is asking is stupid beyond all belief for at least two reasons.

If you are going to go to the poll to check to see if your vote was tabulated, why not skip mail-in voting altogether and just vote at the polling place?

Wait, let me guess, you want to ensure that your vote was counted? Well, that’s easy in 43 states. Go online and check, you don’t need to go to a polling station. Of course, I think that Trump hopes the system is as insecure as he claims and that people will vote twice, for him and it won’t get caught.

Here is a series of tweets, which, at first glance may seem to somewhat support your contention:

Now, here are the FACTS.

It is illegal to attempt to vote twice in an election, according to both North Carolina and federal law. Legal experts have said that a case could be made that Trump may have broken state law that makes it illegal to “induce” anyone to try to cast more than one vote, but we’ll set that aside as no one ever goes after teflon Don for things that can so easily be blamed on others.

It’s not going to make any difference that you thought one of your votes wasn’t counted. VOTING TWICE IS ILLEGAL, period.

And once again, to counter Dave’s contention that it’s to check, you can do that online in all but 7 states. Again, it’s total BS.

Except only a MORON like you thinks you can go on line in 43 States and find out whether your vote has been tabulated. You CAN’T and you’re an idiot for thinking you can.


This “moron” will make you look foolish, again.

Me too. That would be the end of your filthy socialist democrat vermin party


I have toughly convinced that the Democrats are out to steal this election. If they really were serious about have a fair mail-in vote, they would be pushing the concept of absentee voting with the voters applying to receive a ballot. The idea of mailing as many as 80 million ballots to every person the Democrats image, is a 100% receipt for ballot harvesting a fraud. That is the plan.

And if goes to the courts, they are counting tying it up for months. The 2000 recount fiasco is going to look tame. In the meantime, Nancy Pelosi, the most reprehensible leader in our government, could be acting president.

If the Democrats had nominated a decent candidate, they could have won this quite easily. The trouble is, they didn’t have one except for those on the far left, like Sanders, who is unelectable.

Biden is nothing but a shell and a placeholder who be in office about as long it will take for him to take the Oath of Office. Then he will hand it over to Harris, who looking more and more like a second rate intellect.

How did we end up in this mess? Just look at the education system. It stinks.

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OMG OF COURSE they are! After the impeachment and Trump appointing judges and all the rest they are mad with insanity. They are demonic!!! They will cheat, kill, murder, whatever.

You guys don’t take me seriously when I say CSBrownshirt is evil and the Left is demonic, but you tell me: What RATIONAL reason explains everything that is going on? You see how they act? They are mad, in every sense of the word.

The spiritual battle between good and evil is very real and began when Lucifer told God he would not obey. Since then the spiritual battle between good and evil has manifested itself in a variety of ways and it manifests itself in a variety of ways in the physical realm.

If you people believe in God then you better believe in the whole ball of wax, including demons and possessions and everything. The spiritual battle between good and evil manifested itself in WWII also I believe.

The Left is evil. Promoting pedophelia, transgenderism. infanticide, homosexuality . . . . my God people, what’s it gonna’ take.

The final war is here.

Remember this 8 years ago

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BS. You CANNOT use those portals to track your own votes, you idiot. Doing so would give ANYONE access to finding out how anyone else voted and that’s ILLEGAL. You’re still a moron.


Don’t be such a rube. I never said it allowed people to see how you voted, only that your mail in ballot was received by the elections division. It literally allows you to see where your ballot was mailed from and trace it though the postal service until it is received. Of course it varies a little by state, but most of the ballot tracing systems do something similar to this.

BS. You CANNOT “trace your own ballot” this way. You’re still a moron.

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And yet you can.

csb…Your side will take anything this president says and turn it into a scandal. FUNNY you don’t see anything that Biden and Team Biden is doing. You don’t seen to see anything coming from the left.

Y’all put out this idiocy and you think it’s going to change things. WE KNOW WHT THE LEFT IS DOING. Many of us, hispanics, caucasions, conservatives, LIBERALS, and BLACKS are going to vote for this president. we are going to put in such a presence at the polls you won’t believe.

Ditto, only turn it around.

I don’t bring issues with Biden here, because you all have those pretty well covered, what I don’;t see are the legit issues with Trump. And when I do bring them up you say they aren’t happening even when I show you the video.

Nope. You’re living in a fantasy world of unicorns and fairy dust…just like MOST lefties do routinely. There is no way to “trace your own ballot.” Certainly not if you put it in the mail like an obedient little anarchist.

The main issue with Trump is that he is rough around the edges, and who can blame him? The Democrats have harassed him every minute since he took office. Pelosi and Schumer have opposed him as a matter of politics, not on the merits of the issues.

All the while Trump built a great economy that featured low unemployment and high labor participation rates. Blacks and Hispanic unemployment were at all time lows, and wages were increasing, especially for the workers at the lower end of the ladder.

In addition, he has made great strides in foreign policy with the historic deal between the United Arab Emirates and Israel. He is bringing back our troops from the endless, unwinable war in Afghanistan. He has re-negotiated the bad trade deals that hurt American workers. His has done all of this with nothing but hostility from from your Democrat Party, @csbrown28.

These achievements have been sidetracked by the worst pandemic in a century. Now Joe Biden and the Democrats are rewriting history and telling us that they would have been ahead of this calamity and saved more lives. That is a load a crap. Biden called Trump “xenophobic” when he banned travel from China. If Biden had been president, he might have realized the gravity of the situation in April or May, certainly not January as he now claims.

In addition we now have Democrat campaign workers burning and looting our cities. You can’t even have a restaurant meal without a Democrat thug in your face demanding that you raise your fist and mouth their slogans.

So there is @csbrown28. I have laid out the case for the re-election of Donald Trump. It is certainly a strong case. It is far stronger than it was for Barack Obama in 2012.

You party stands for anarchy and violence. Your party is running a senile old man for president who would be lucky if he were hiding in the Senate, like Robert Bird did in his final days. You party is a disgrace, @csbrown28, and your claims of “superior intelligence” over everyone else here fall flat in view of you support for such malfeasance.

Why do we have to continue to suffer this piece of shit.