Voting update


Wife just called, its been SLAMMED since 7:30 this am, never seen so many people in her 5 years of doing this.

She is getting a LOT of request for help. So her or someone else will help on the machine: “I don’t care about anything but voting for TRUMP, how can I do that”

“Hello I want to vote, but have never voted before, what do I need to do to vote for TRUMP”

Over 800 folks at her voting location before noon, a record…


This is going to be INTERESTING.


I recall when the election of 2000 was going on it was claimed that Gore was winning Florida according to exit polling which turned out to be a lie. Exit polling in my opinion is meant to sway voters at the last minute to vote a certain way. Democrats also claimed blacks were being stopped from voting which also was a lie.


Were the Republican Party a real party, instead of a RINO Mee-Too Leftist party, they’d have offered voter registration and information sessions, answering questions of new voters or those who have not voted in a long time.

They’re not, though. They’re the Status-Quo Crony Party. Their mascot should become a rhinoceros - fat, expelling feces in a shower the way rhinos do in their fake swamps in the zoo.

I hope these latecomers find a way…because it’s really become a death struggle. Hell of it is, even if the good guys win, all we get is more of the same. As opposed to the Marxist Hell that’s coming under the old bat’s shrill orders.


> I recall when the election of 2000 was going on it was claimed that Gore was winning Florida according to exit polling which turned out to be a lie. Exit polling in my opinion is meant to sway voters at the last minute to vote a certain way. Democrats also claimed blacks were being stopped from voting which also was a lie.

The news media pulled a fast one with the time zones in Florida too. They announced that the polls were closed in the 2000 Florida presidential election BEFORE they really were closed through out the state. Part of the Florida panhandle is in the Central Time zone, and that part is conservative Republican. When media announced that, the polls were in fact still open which may very well have dampened the panhandle vote. Given the closeness of the Florida vote, that gave Gore a boost when his forces SELECTIVELY chose to to recount only the votes in the heavily Democrat southern counties in the Miami area.


UPDATE: 1485 voters on day one of early voting. The poll she is at, do not get 1485 TOTAL Early plus regular voting and has not in the past 5 years. My guess is this favors TRUMP!


Sorry to throw cold water over the proceedings (not sorry):

Early voting polls in North Carolina show Clinton, Democrats leading big |

Election Update: Trump May Depress Republican Turnout, Spelling Disaster For The GOP | FiveThirtyEight




I also remember that after Bush won in 2000, a “coalition” of left-wing “news” organizations paid for and conducted their own “re-count” and found that Bush actually HAD won Florida regardless of what counting criterium was used. THOSE results quickly disappeared in order to keep the “The SCOTUS ‘appointed’ Bush” meme going.


That was Dan Rather who called Florida for Gore, 4 years later he was caught typing up a fake document and claiming it was an official military document unflattering to Bush; that lie finally cost him his Anchor chair.


Yeah, Bush won every recount in spite of the Left trying several creative counting schemes; including trying to leave out the absentee ballots from Florida service men and women who were serving overseas.


Yes, recount sponsored by the “New York Times” showed that Bush won by a larger margin than the official result.


Today it might have got him a promotion.


Yes, today the news media does not provide a pretense that they are politically objective and impartial.


Since they’re controlling the voter fraud, they’re just telling us what they’re working towards.

They’re gonna be REAL mad if their operatives are somehow stopped. As they were in Florida 2000 - those “Hanging Chads”? The president of Votomatic, who made those cards and cardholders and system, showed on a news program how the chad would only hang if multiple cards were shoved into a ballot slot.

SHOWED it. And this after over twenty years of successful use of that system.

So…OBVIOUSLY…the fraudsters with their packed, fake ballot-boxes got caught. Instead, they turned it into one more Leftist Talking Point.


We took advantage of early voting here in Texas yesterday. Lots of people showing up - how they were voting is unknown. We made it easy on ourselves - took us only slightly longer to vote than it did to slide card into the machine - simply hit R button to vote straight Republican ticket.

Rarely do we cast a ballot for candidates/races we know nothing about just because there is an R behind the candidate’s name - but in this voting cycle we are going to need “all hands on deck”.

That even Rasmussen, the most optimistic poll of the bunch, indicates a tight race in the traditionally red state of Texas, is likely an early indication of just how bad the election is going for Trump in those swing states he must have to win.

I turned 73 last week - it sickens me beyond words to think I might have to live out my days under the reign of Hillary Clinton and in my homeland where there can no longer be even the pretense that we are a nation of laws - where the “rule of law” is merely a cynical slogan, with little basis in reality.

IMHO - For the past few decades we have been in the midst of a protracted, bloodless coup in which the radical Left has been successful in hijacking the constitution and co-opting our information/education systems, while utilizing government agencies to thwart opposition to their cause - all of this with the dumbed-down majority’s blessing.

The results of this election will decide once and for all what some of us suspect - that the Left does indeed now control our government, our courts, our system of education and our information outlets (media) - and our people. Power is the goal, public dependency on government is the means to that power.


That is a famous one there. It seems every election the military votes just do not make it in time because some democrat forgot to do something.


I always vote early and have done so. Yes I have to show I.D.


Just out: Bexar (BEAR) County (San Antonio, 7th largest city in US) BROKE all previous records for votes cast on day 1 of voting (Early voting).


Early-voting returns continue to paint a bleak picture for Donald Trump.

GOP’s early vote worries mount - POLITICO

Oh, and don’t mind that linky thing there you can click on. That’s just evidence.