W. Bush Emerges To Tell Nativeist Trump Globalism is Inevitable


… So you screw up, and it’s somehow my fault when I point it out?

Check your assumptions, if you had done that, you would have caught your error on your own.

None of this responds to what Donald J. Boudreaux stated.

“U.S current-account deficit” is just a formal restatement of trade deficit.

Clearly you do think it exists, so it’s not gobbly gook, nor simply “theory.”

And F.A. Hayek, in the Road to Serfdom, had a word for this viewpoint: NATIONAL SOCIALISM.

He held them distinct from socialists, because they esteemed National identity in the economy.

You are saying that what Economics needs to work better, is Identity politics.


It is good for national security: cost effective products means better scale. Integrated trade means less risk of war.

Good. There’s something you should look up: The Free Country Effect.

When a non-free nation trades with a free nation, it has the effect of making the non-free nation, more free.

It worked on the Soviet Union, it worked on Vietnam, and has become a complete facelift on countries in Africa. Places that were complete and utter hell holes just 20 years ago, now have something that looks like a real future, and free trade is the largest factor responsible for it.

That’s not the same thing as global trade.

Trade, is not world Government. These are separate issues; please quit conflating them.

World Government is centralizing everything under one authority.

Trade is allowing citizens and businesses to make arrangements amongst one another, unfettered by Government interference.

The first is the top down, that latter is the bottom up.

It doesn’t need to be to remain the best option on the table. you’re letting the perfect be the enemy of the good.

Right now, the world is set to have more than half of humanity in the Middle class, for the first time ever by 2020, and that is because of growing free trade between nations.

You can control the actions of states without involving the actions of citizens.

I should be able to buy equipment through Alibaba, for my uses, with no complaints. Unless I’am bringing in something dangerous, there should be no to little involvement in what I do. As the Founders had printed on the back of their coins “Mind your Business”.

Taxing me or punishing me in anyway for doing this, or anyone else who uses equipment or products made in other countries, is wrong and unAmerican.


NO I NEVER SAID ANYTHING about “identity politics” YOU DID!!!

As for F.A. Hayek, who thought Keynes was a genius (as did OBAMA) is just another liberal hack is is a socialist at heart.

Putting America first is how America became great, its how my little slice of the American pie, dream is successful…my company, my country, my family. The polar opposite of that is Obama, Kerry, Clinton, but they put themselves first, they live in a self-centric world, nothing is more important than them and their power over YOU, they are the socialists. Globalism does not just lead ot socialism, but in fact IS socialism (STRONGLY) suggest you read Agenda 21 UN Doc, I have and its frightening to me, sure you and your far left views would embrace it.

Reagan put America First, so does Trump, Clinton, Bush, Obama none of them have ever put America first…


Yes you did, you are putting the American identity before individual prerogative.

Identity politics includes nationalist impulses.

Benito Mussolini himself migrated from being a Marxist, to a fascist, on the basis that he found the people he talked to much preferred identifying as Italians, rather than as workers.

But both of these things are collectivism, so they suffer from the same fatal flaw when they try to tell the economy what to do. Central planning is made of fail. It never matters for who or why you do it, it never works.

But wrong:

Calling Hayek a “socialist” is pure ignorance.

If he’s one, then so is Ludwig von Mises and Thomas Sowell. They all come from the same economic School; the Austrians.

Nope, being a meritocracy is what made America great. Shove your warmed-over collectivism somewhere else.

It was America being a place anyone could come to prove their worth or get a second lease on life, and the Government leaving them the hell alone, so long as they weren’t harming other people.

Being the world’s largest Free trade zone, managed primarily by Common Law, did the rest.

Nope, Free Trade =/ world government.

These are not the same topic, and they never were.

The left nor socialists support free trade (go look at Bernie Sanders), so suggesting Free Trade is somehow apart of their prescription, is completely absurd, and you know it.

I’m not the one who just touted National Socialism.

OAKS? If you don’t know the genology of you arguments, don’t cite them. That should be common sense.

Go read The Road to Serfdom , and quit being a johnny-come-lately about this.


Go read the Drudge Report. A Vietnamese student was just sentenced to 6 YEARS in jail for “disrespecting” their communist government.


You just called F.A. Hayek a socialist. You can’t sidestep that Oaks, You screwed up, and screwed up royally.

That was you announcing, that you don’t know who he is.

The Road Serfdom was the go to guide of the Old Right to reject the New Deal, and to take the piss out of FDR. Go look it up.

The Fatal Conceit, his last work, was him detailing how socialism is just that, a conceit. Go look it up.

He is literally the second person named after Mises on the wiki page for criticisms of Socialism. GO. LOOK. IT. UP.

He was their bane, their antichrist, and you’ve just tried to call him one of them?

What next; Milton Friedman is a Marxist? The Pope is Episcopalian?

You made an error, one you have no room to deny, and it was your own damn hubris that made you do it.

Your fault, not mine. A cursory search on Hayek would have told you who he was, but you didn’t bother…


Go read this:

I’m not saying Vietnam doesn’t have abuses. I’m saying their people are more Free than they otherwise would be, thanks to us trading with them.


Oh, great! “USA Today” is the go-to place for veracity now???


Nope, it’s a story reprinted from the GlobalPost, reporting on a study made by the Pew Research Center.

The study restates the Free Country effect, without even meaning to.


The two articles have little to do with one another. BTW, the “median” between 23% and 56%, for example, is NOT 42.


??? They’re the exact same article

The USA Today source even says this:

This article originally appeared on GlobalPost. Its content was created separately to USA TODAY.

There is no 23 or 56% values related to another, so I don’t get where this comparison is coming from.

I know what a median is, but I’m not following what your point about it is, as you didn’t criticize anything that was actually stated.


It’s only a matter of time before conservatives begin thinking of Sowell as a socialist and Sowell joins a long list of free-market capitalist “socialists”. It gets more likely the longer “shop local” is a national economic development policy

I’m curious how you know anything at all about anything at all. What news source will you accept?


Damned few these days since I discovered that most “news” organizations tend to take their leads from the New York Times or Washington Post.


Recent history shows that President Trumps tweets are more reliable and accurate than the MSM.


How do you know this? And what does it mean?

Which few do you trust? And how do you know they’re reliable?

How do you know this?


If you see a new article on almost any website now, politico, newsweek, WST, Forbes, etc, etc, go take the obvious key words like those in the headline and feed them into Google. About 50% of the political stories will come up with a NYT or WP article that’s a few hours to 1-2 days older.

You’ll know it’s the source article, because the subsequent article contains literally no additional information. It will just have a different angle and use different words. In many cases, even the order of information is almost unchanged.

It’s really true that probably half of all news now comes straight out of the WP and NYTs. Even a lot of stuff from Breitbart starts out there.


41, 43, and Jeb! have all united to publicly lament that they are “The last Republicans” and Trump is unraveling the party they built. They tried to save us from Trump by giving pro-Clinton PACs millions of dollars, and personally voting for her. But it was in vain.

They managed to remain silent during Obama’s entire 8 years in office, but Trump is one they need to take on.

Quoting Sundance