Wacky Glasses Question

Didn’t know where else to post this?

Please try to follow my meandering here if possible.:grin:

Being really, really old I need close up glasses for reading … the higher the power the better!
(5.0 right now)

Before going any further, I know that I can go to the eye doctor and get bifocals … this is just a curiosity question!:upside_down_face:

I also need distance glasses and lost my last pair!
(Yep, near and farsighted):worried:

My question: Why do my old pair of Foster Grant (1.75 power) Reading glasses work for my distance needs?
(The 5.0 powered reader’s make distances blurry … as expected)

The 1.75 powered reader’s work just the opposite!
(They make reading really blurry)

Without them, the TV or PC monitor are blurs but with them … everything becomes clear!
How the heck do reading glasses work for clearing up my distance problem?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Glasses refocus the light to the correct position in the back of the eye. If you have an astigmatism your eye lenses or the shape of your eye ball are out of whack which causes the images to be out of focus. I have been near sighted for many years. I have never needed reading glasses, but need them for distance.

I had cataract surgery about a year ago on my right eye. The left one has not gotten bad enough for me to want to have it done, and my eye doctor is okay with that. I only use my glasses for driving now.

Perhaps your 1.75 reading glasses freakishly have the proper correction for your distance vision.

I am only a layman, that’s my take.

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First let me say, 5.0…Dam. If I wore those I’d be able to see down into the pores on my skin…lol I know, I know, my time will come.

Typically anything under arms length is corrected with reading glasses and beyond that is considered distance. The two conditions have different causes and are not considered interchangeable, meaning that reading glasses shouldn’t correct anything beyond arms length.

That all said, I’m far sighted. My first pair of readers was .75 and I think I’m now around 1.25, though I get my glasses made rather than buying off the shelf readers as prescription glasses will be made to your specific astigmatism and the clarity of custom made is noticeable IMO.

The interesting part is that my .75 readers, which I specifically requested to have the best focus at about arms length (as I need them to see my PC screen) today I can see about 6-8’ with them on just fine, but anything beyond that has a slight blur. that said, there are times I forget when I’m wearing them and I don’t even notice the slight distance blur.

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