Wal-Mart - "Impeach 45"


Wal-Mart - “Impeach 45”

A short while ago - 3 hours ago to be exact - USA Today reported that Wal-Mart is now marketing apparel sporting the words, “Impeach 45”.

Of course, this is the rally cry promoted by Maxine Waters and referring to her encouragement and avowed determination to Impeach Donald Trump.

Do with this information what you personally think appropriate.

As for me, I have always been a proponent of “voting with my feet” as a means of having my message heard.


I was thinking I read that Wal-Mart apologized (whether or not it can be taken at face value or not, I have no idea), but I’m not sure if they decided to remove the merchandise in question.


According to AoSHQ, they did.