Walmart Forbids Store Managers From Ordering More Ammunition


As gun and ammunition sales across the United States skyrocket and store shelves are emptied of just about anything related to weapons and accessories that may soon be banned by the Federal Government, some of America’s largest and most well known corporations are starting to take sides.
Reports have been streaming in over the last few weeks indicating that retail giant Walmart may be standing against the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and that their corporate headquarters has taken steps to restrict the availability of ammunition.
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I’ve read various postings on message boards claiming local Wal-Mart managers told customers they are no longer permitted to reorder ammo inventory. I can confirm this is true.
I went to Wal-Mart today in our town to buy ammo. The case was almost empty. I asked the store manager when new supplies will arrive.
He said, “Corporate headquarters notified all local managers that we can not order any more ammo until further notice.”
Do Wal-Mart executives know that Piers Morgan doesn’t shop at Wal-Mart, but millions of middle class American families are the source of their wealth? What happens to Wal-Mart’s earnings if Middle Class America boycotts Wal-Mart for caving in to Obama?
I’ve always suspected the gun grabbers would cut off ammo supplies first. They’re doing it now. Next, they will use strong arm tactics to shut down ammo manufacturers. You’ll have a gun, but no bullets to load in it. It’s only the beginning of the communist agenda. This plan was prepared a long time ago. The commies are pushing hard and fast. They plan to overrun a confused and bewildered public that can’t fathom that a genuine communist takeover is underway.
Last week, Bank of America chose to stand with the anti-gun movement when they froze the funds of a licensed online gun retailer, reportedly telling the owner of American Spirit Arms that he, “**should not be selling guns and parts on the internet.”

Report: Walmart Forbids Store Managers From Ordering More Ammunition


Wal-Mart will be getting a call today. Probably lots of 'em. lol.


Especially in rural areas! There are 3 Walmarts within half-way reasonable driving distance from me - and we’re 'way out in the boonies.


I just spoke with ‘Tanya’ at Corporate Headquarters in Bentonville, AR.
(and you better be grateful, 'cuz although I was only on hold for 7 mins, the techno bop I had to listen to was painful!)

Here is what has happened.
As you likely know, their sales are tracked at ‘the point of sale.’ IOW, their cash registers immediately send the sales into their computer banks, keeping track of what they need to order.
There were so many sales, the system crashed.
They are at this moment, changing their software to ‘read’ batches, rather than single boxes, in an attempt to avoid that problem in the future.
In the meantime, there is no point in anyone ordering ammo, (manager, or otherwise), because there is no system there to accept the order.
So, nobody “forbid” the managers from ordering; they simply can’t.

I neglected to ask how long it might take to get the new software up and runnning, but the answer would most likely have been, “I don’t know.”

She did, however, confirm that Wal-Mart has absolutely nothing against selling ammo, and are wanting, themselves, to have it available to customers asap.


Ammo is in extremely short supply just about everywhere. Can’t find any QTY of .223 on line…and my usual bulk supplier has no bulk supplies in ANY major calibre.
Wouldn’t surprise me if Wally World simply has none to order like everyone else.


I should of bought those 1000 rounds when I had the chance. I really could kick myself for waiting. Now there will be a shortage for the next couple of years like from 2007-2009.


Thank you for fact-checking the story, 2c. Sounds like people reacted rationally to the threat of government restrictions - buying before government could stomp in - which led to sales and logistics systems being overloaded and a temporary (hopefully) shortage.


How gracious of y’all to say ‘thank you.’ You’re more than welcome.

I don’t blame people for raising their eyebrows. It raised mine, too. Struck me that it might be that good ol’ English language, and someone forgot the difference between, “May I”, and "Can I."
Oopsie. That’ll happen.

But who’d a thunk the day would come when we had to wait in line on line.
That ain’t right.
(Hmm. Seems my attempt to make humor at our ever-changing English language is falling rather flat.)

Glad y’all realize the problem is twofold, but that the only fault that belongs to Wal-Mart is their glinchie software, not their political correctness.


I am very glad to hear this. Walmart saves us a ton of money on many common items. Regional goods we buy local though.


Retail tends to be run so penny-pinchingly lean that large chains like Walmart use a piece of technology until it is run into the ground and wears a foot-deep rut in the process. So they are probably using their servers and SW for transaction volumes beyond what they were designed to handle (and for years beyond their expected life … every extra year translates to profit). And then add a spike in sales …


Hey, Stang. Seems it’s been a while. How’s it hangin’?

Me, too. Glad, that is.
Seemed odd, to say the least, that a corporation based in Bentonville, AR would up and decide to quit selling ammo. Surely they’re smart enough to know that they couldn’t find a quicker way to bite the hand that fed them.
Still, I questioned it enough not to take that for granted. Lots of companies doing odd things these days.
(And, jftr, store managers have little control over what’s sent to the various stores. Oh, they can order. Doesn’t mean Bentonville is gonna decide they need it, though. Plus, the guys who unload the shipments get first dibs, if you catch my drift.)