Walmart is not evil.


Yeah, that case was a Pfizer case, I believe. But Wal-Mart has threatened legal action against people who were unwilling to sell. I posted an excerpt from one such letter. Basically “sell your land, or we’ll take it”…

Wal-Mart actively pursues it. It’s not always the government that goes out and offers land to Wal-Mart. Government is the one offering the tax-exemptions.

In any case, I won’t shop at Wal-Mart because they support so many liberal causes.

Minimum wage
Gay and lesbian groups
Eminent domain
Government corruption

When these big businesses come to the end of the road, and have gone as far as their own innovation has taken them in the realm of competition, they shouldn’t be allowed to turn to government and beg, demand, and sue for handouts to further their competitive edge. Because they actively seek such things, it makes them evil.

Anyways, it’s a good discussion, and I don’t disagree with you that government shares a lot of the blame.


well I have now changed my mind. From August 09 to August@2019
I shut my eyes to what they were doing while providing low prices to me. Sure. They sure did. They killed mom and pops and while I thought it was just a matter of competition, now I find that it was a matter of Walmart lowering prices even if it hurt them until they drove their competition out of business.

Over the years I have had friends who were employed by Walmart and they complained of company policy, insurance, unions, etc. I thought, ‘you have good health insurance, better than most, what is the complaint…just the usual complaint about employers?’ um. no. Hours are cut so that Walmart doesn’t have to pay employees a fair wage. I’m not saying $fifteen an hour…a FAIR wage. They know that when they don’t pay their employees fairly, welfare paid by US will pick it up. Is that right. Suddenly Sam’s mission statement don’t mean sushi.

NOW. after offering me all these lower priced goods (and some lower quality), after convincing us that all this pretty plastic Chinese crap will make us happy, they want to virtue signal me on 1. the environment, 2. sustainability, and now 3. guns. After taking my money, my support, after offering me convenience and making me a good customer they want to get all moral on me and instruct me on just how and when i can god given right to protect my family and myself. They’ve thrown their lot in with leftists who want to disarm us poor dumb middle American Walmart shoppers. Let them target leftist shoppers. Let’s see how well that works out.

suddenly. My eyes are open.

Perhaps next year, Walmart might decide that selling car parts contributes to car accidents and they won’t sell those.

and then the next year, perhaps they’ll discontinue their food store because food causes obesity.

I’m not waiting. It’s about time Walmart got a lesson in customer service and appreciation.

I’m not asking you to give up the things that are necessary (like your phone card) but i am humbly asking you to boycott the store by making purchases as often as possible in another store rather than Walmart.

Will you join me and others?


I am sick and tired of big companies and their virtue signaling at the expense of their customers…Walmart included. It’s a mere 1 1/2 miles further to do my “neighborhood marketing” at a Crest food store than at the Walmart neighborhood market just a mile down the road. I’ll be making that trek to Crest Foods from now on or to the GFF store which is about the same distance from our house as the Walmart and sells roughly the same foodstuffs as Walmart. I already seldom went to a Walmart “Super Store” anyway. I can buy my ammunition on-line or at the Academy Store which is a mere 4 miles away. I have all the guns I need for now and just need to buy ammo to replace what I expend at the range or in the field. For that matter, it’s not all that far to the Bass Pro Shop. Though I would like to acquire a vintage Garand M1 rifle. I hear that the CMP is selling them relatively cheap.


I’d just as soon buy clothing at department stores. A lot of Walmart clothings is junk. I can shop Martins, Sharp Shopper, Kroger, Food Lion. Can’t shop dollar tree anymore cause of their china junk.


Wal-Mart is also a large contributor to the center for American progress…


What’s that?


Hardcore leftwing orginization.