Walmart warning us about China


Yes we are. Tariffs don’t make a distinction between a licensed product, or a counterfeit one; they’re both blocked.

So I’m not buying this premise. If you wanted to control for counterfeit products (or just quality control in general), you could do that without employing tariffs.


One firm I am aware of personally purchases American steel not counterfeit parts (although their products are counterfeited by Chinese companies – they have ways they deal with it too). They always have. Prices on genuine parts are rising, Prices on American steel are rising. They’re not doing as much business, and production costs are rising substantially. I don’t know know if they’ll still be around in the next couple of years. We’ll see. American jobs are already being lost and many more may soon follow. The tariffs are not solving that counterfeiting problem, but they are solving employment in favor of unemployment at the local level in a notoriously anti-business state that was already making life difficult for the productive! I’ve already heard it here, I know: Those folks are just acceptable collateral damage for some secret long-term gains. I’m sure those employees will be thankful to be sacrificed on the altar of a collectively managed economy for the sake of the greater good or some such crap.


Just like I am to the no borders unlimited immigration crowd? I mean, Slim already explicitly said that people who can’t compete with illegals (who refuse the even acknowlege, much less live or work by, any rules) deserve to lose their jobs. And I did, too. So cry me a river


So because illegal aliens apparently literally took your job you support collectivized centralized management by politicians of the economy to line the pockets of a few select politically connected rich folks even though that harms other people and you?


I support spreading the suffering until people are fed up enough with it to hang all the crooked politicians. (Damn, there goes that redundancy again). Do you really think that passing a bunch of immigration laws and then explicitly refusing to enforce them is anything other than a form of central economic management designed to fleece and disenfranchise average citizens? Spread the suffering, the more the merrier.


If we’re talking about a level playing field.

Seedy subcontractors, which exist with or without illegals, are their own affair.

Most illegals work for large corporations, with the same wage & benefit plans as the natives. Like my coworkers, who I competed with for my job.

I would deserve to lose my job to them if I proved too ineffective. Merit should win out here.

What’s in the border wall bill? No wall, but plenty of landmines and deceptions!

But we’re not. The playing field is deliberately tilted to destroy the blue collar middle class. Skilled trades are gone, licensced trades,are going. Not to worry, though: the low and middle managers and paper pushers will be next.

Snort Thats a pant load. They are working independently, as or for subcontractors, getting 1099’ed on a stolen SS # and never paying the taxes. All UNDOCUMENTED so they don’t show up on your statistics, all of which are outright lies to keep Americans ignorant of the scope of the raping we are getting. Shove your nose a little deeper up the CoC’s butt, maybe you’ll get a taste of their filet mignon…


I kind of have to ask if you’re discerning all causes equally.

Engineers intentionally (and unintentionally) do work called “unskilling”, where they take something that used to be done by a craftsman, and turn it into something done by an unskilled worker + piece of technology.

More than immigrants, more than over shoring, automation and mechanization has destroyed the most jobs. It’s not even a contest.

I know, but I’m pointing what they do most often.

Again, I have illegal coworkers, I see this in person. I helped one draw money from his 401k.

The way I see it, there will always be charlatans, there will always be an underclass. There will always be people who do things in less scrupulous ways.

I don’t see the point in blaming that on illegals, when they aren’t the cause, nor is it the most often thing they do.

ITINs, according to the amount of money we’re getting through that, many if not most do seem to pay.

And we don’t have to wonder to why; they’re easier to get than a fake SS, It’s not illegal for them to have one, and they need them (or at least something that can act like an SS #) to do anything long term here.

And like I said before, some even see it as a way to establish a good behavior history, so they can legalize.
Funnily enough, some are interested in that.

I’m sorry man, but we do have ways of registering how many people live in a given area. We do see how many goods & services are consumed.

Even your own premise of illegals consuming welfare, or filing 1099’s, would then itself give us a way of estimating how many there are.

Can’t have it both ways. If money is changing hands, you then have a way of tracking things.


It bureaucratically disguises them as legal, Slim, (as should be obvious), especially when the bureacracy is doing its best to not see through the disquise.


For hopefully the LAST time, you CANNOT determine how many illegals are living in a given area by counting the amount of water used or the number of tacos consumed. It’s literally STUPID to make such an argument. You can’t even do it by counting the “change” of money since illegals send money home routinely and that money isn’t spent where they live in the U.S. There used to be an old joke that you could estimate the number of illegals in a barrio by counting the number of broken basement windows and multiplying by 36. Disregarding the “joke”, that’s easily as good a way as Slim’s way.


This ain’t a mod thing, so do go on, if you must; but it annoys me that everything always comes back to illegal aliens.


Oh, crap, sorry, mea culpa. But it’s really kinda the same type issue, having to compete against people who are exempted from following the rules. You can’t have rules unless they apply the same to everyone, all the time. I was just using that for comparison… and maybe confused about which thread i was posting in :tired_face::tired_face:


It’s annoying, but in that way that makes me laugh later with a couple of buddies. Mostly :wink:

One thing I don’t get really bent about in general is conversation drift.


It does not, the [bad] SS numbers have to be matched to an account, and matching your other credentials, or the money goes right into the “unreconciled” file at the SSA.

People willingly give illegals their SS numbers to use (in exchange for money most likely); somehow, they think this doesn’t mean the person can draw down on their account. And they’re right.

Oh btw, $100 Billion. That’s how much money the SSA says illegal immigrants have put into the SS fund, over the past decade. Without that money, the SS fund would have been in shortfall since 2009.

Actuaries say they can. Go talk to one Dave.

The Census gives us an idea of how many legal people live in a given area. Subtract out their consumption & traffic, guess whose left?


“Actuaries” also tell us they can predict the day of our deaths, Slim. They can’t.


Unless you’re saying “Actuaries” have no idea how to estimate populations or their growth (and that demography is little better than alchemy), you concede the point.

Go talk to them, go figure how they do what they do. You won’t know what they can or can’t do, until you do so.


YOU are the one claiming that “actuaries” can accurately gauge how many living in a specific area are illegal, and that’s pure, unadulterated BS.


Within a few 10,000? Yes, they can. Just like they measure population trends in general.

But you don’t know, because you’ve never looked into this. Your words are impotent, because I know, you have done nothing, not. a. thing. to understand what is or isn’t possible here.

Either make an effort, ask questions, or quit pretending you’re any kind of authority.


Within 10,000 or so? That’s enough in ANY jurisdiction to skew legislative representation or any election you can think of. I can do the same thing by merely guessing based on standing on the street corner and counting heads. Ten thousand was roughly the deciding difference in the Florida SENATE race this month!


Within a city. And I don’t care about your poll-posturing. Illegals, don’t care about our elections.

Natives commit voter fraud, overwhelmingly.