Walmart warning us about China


YOU are the one claiming that “actuaries” can accurately gauge how many living in a specific area are illegal, and that’s pure, unadulterated BS.


Within a few 10,000? Yes, they can. Just like they measure population trends in general.

But you don’t know, because you’ve never looked into this. Your words are impotent, because I know, you have done nothing, not. a. thing. to understand what is or isn’t possible here.

Either make an effort, ask questions, or quit pretending you’re any kind of authority.


Within 10,000 or so? That’s enough in ANY jurisdiction to skew legislative representation or any election you can think of. I can do the same thing by merely guessing based on standing on the street corner and counting heads. Ten thousand was roughly the deciding difference in the Florida SENATE race this month!


Within a city. And I don’t care about your poll-posturing. Illegals, don’t care about our elections.

Natives commit voter fraud, overwhelmingly.


The Magnaclams are neither illegal nor alien; they’re indiginous to Earth. They go about their business in much the same way, they go to school, they celebrate the same holidays…


A few 10000s here, a few 10000s there, pretty soon we’re talking significant error… How many would it take to change the employment/wage dynamics in a given industry within a single metropolitan area? I’ma take a wild stab in the dark and say “less than a few 10000s”


Tell it to the Kalifornia Republicans.


You mean where white native voters, vote overwhelmingly blue?

Where Republican identification obliterated overnight in 1994, likely in reaction to Proposition 187 or how it was advocated?


Nonsense. Kalifornia passed a “rule” years ago, PROHIBITING government employees at ALL levels of government from even ASKING the immigration status of anyone they come in contact with. THEN they passed that stupid, “motor/voter” law, requiring anyone applying for a DL to ALSO be given a voter registration form and mandating that the DMV worker “help” people fill it out properly…in some cases, with the Party preference box already filled out! THEN they passed a law permitting illegals to get a DL in Kalifornia, with the DL being functionally INDISTINGUISHABLE from those issued to American citizens. That’s an INVITATION for non-citizens to vote in Kalifornia elections which is the essence of vote fraud. Los Angeles County recently admitted that there were 24% more votes cast in that county than there were registered voters living IN LA County.


It was measured:


WHAT “was measured?”


Party affiliation of Hispanics and non-Hispanic whites in CA, as you can see. In 1994, it changed virtually overnight.


The numbers are MEANINGLESS.