Walmart warning us about China


It’s quirk of mine, but I tend to say it as “dunno”.




Sure, you can say it about immigration or something else.

But Tariffs? How?

Keynesians who disagree with me 70% of the time on economic issues, would agree with me on tariffs, for the same reason.

It wasn’t Austrians who created the WTO, it was never CATO passing along notes to Obama how to make the TPP. Things like these are done through economic consensus, among a variety of schools that tariffs create bad ends.

I never said I was just quoting or restating free marketeer logic; what I’m stating here, is something you can get out of any classical economics course.

Cwolf was claiming I was toeing a party line to polarize things.

It was just another shortcut in the end.


Interesting. What do you think that means?

And what does that have to do with the president’s claims about the steel industry. The industry was growing when he imposed tariffs in the spring.

Trump fundamentally misunderstands how the economy works.

Just gonna say, this cuts a lot of different directions.


I don’t even think there’s a party that represents you. You parrot globalist lines. Which are not a party. Hilary Clinton and Paul Ryan are on the same page when it comes to free trade and open borders. They’re also on the same page as Gary Johnson. None of them believe in the concept of sovereignty.

Academically? Absolutely. He’d fail a middle school econ 101 exam.

In a simple and practical sense he does understand it. He’s also very good at selecting people who DO understand the details. Trump delegates(as a president must) and Lighthizer and Ross(as well huge support staffs) deal with the details.

Tariffs don’t create demand, they just level out import pricing to some extent.

I’m not entirely sure why Europe’s economy has been stagnating the last year. I’ve seen it speculated that it’s because European investors are uncertain about the future of the EU in light of Brexit and recent nationalist tendencies. Whether or not this is the actual reason, I really have no idea. I don’t track what’s going on in Europe closely enough to figure out why the extra 2% of GDP is missing.


Also, I’m not sure why you keep bringing Jordan Peterson up. I think I casually posted one of his videos about the job market and IQs and mentioned I mostly agree with him on a fair number of topics. I haven’t read his book. I don’t follow his reddit sub. I’ve seen maybe 2 hours or so of total video of him.

Honestly, when I first mentioned him I wasn’t aware he had a Ben Shapiro/Sam Harris type of internet following. I’d never heard of him until a year ago or so.

IT risk advisory and assurance isn’t really traditional accounting though I do have a CPA(and a CISA). I just mentioned I have a CPA because I do have a very good grasp of tax both corporate and personal.

As for my disgust, yeah I do tend to be disgusted by fat people - especially ones who refuse to bathe as seems to be quite common among Mexico’s underclass.

One of the reasons I specifically thumb Mexico is because it’s a dirty culture. I have never seen an area develop a large Mexican population without the entire place just becoming a lot dirtier and grimier. While this isn’t unique to exclusively Mexico, it’s uncommon among most other immigrant classes.

I would agree that if Mexicans were hotter instead of being obese and ugly, I’d probably be less opposed to them coming here and turning everything into a dump. Of course if they were hotter, they probably wouldn’t turn things into a dump, because I’ve rarely known people who take care of their bodies and then have bad priorities in their broader life. The way you treat your body tends to be a good indication of how you operate in life.

So I oppose illegal immigration in general because it is harmful for American workers. I am particularly opposed to illegal Mexican immigration because they bring filth and obesity with them.


That is true of ‘lower class’ people from almost everywhere, I think. They simply lack the habits of… tidiness, I’ll say. Not sure if one is the cause of the other, a reinforcer, or a corollary, but they do seem (anecdotally) to go together.


I’m unsure of the economic class of Chinese, Indians, Nigerians, etc who come here, since their numbers are a fraction of Mexico’s. But I’ve not observed this in most other groups. Really, Filipinos and Haitians are the only other ones that come to mind.

I mentioned lower class Mexicans, because I’ve been to Mexico several times. There are upscale parts of Mexico, and I don’t observe any of those problems there. But the people who live in the good neighborhoods in Mexico never come here. We get people straight from the slums.


School of thought then?

Point is, claiming that I’m just parroting CATO or Reason, was complete bull.
It’s the prevailing economic consensus.

Further, the reality we live in is something that seems to need reminding of:

  1. American manufacturing never declined, it has only grown.
  2. Manufacturing that did overshore, was overwhelmingly low value.
  3. Manufacturing jobs disappeared, overwhelmingly, because of automation.

You keep trying to push arguments where one or all of these points don’t apply.
Which isn’t reality.


Because you tried to imply he agrees with you, when he calls his own standpoint “divine individualism”. You fight off the instances where he doesn’t buy reductions of people into group identities. Ergo, you fought to keep your association with him.

Except, you actually target low skilled workers, which means you’re off target as far as your own standpoint is concerned.

Immigrants, when they do push people out of work, tend to do it to skilled workers like Old Dog.

Because the presence of immigrants has a far larger effect on niche groupings of workers, then general use ones who can fill farm work or entry level work elsewhere.

When it comes to low skilled, they serve complimentary roles. They go places where natives overwhelmingly are not, and get things moving.

They spur on labor demand, and increase scale, resulting long term in wages rising, and job creation growing.


The “prevailing consensus”…if you pay attention to the national media…is that President Trump is an anti-Semite, racist, homophobic, white supremacist, which MAY be the stupidest “consensus” of my lifetime.


If “automation” is the cause of our losing manufacturing jobs, explain the 400,000 INCREASE in manufacturing jobs just since November of 2016. Truth is, that’s a BS excuse for leftist economic policies chasing manufacturers off-shore.


Are you REALLY this obtuse? Unskilled immigrants displace unskilled AMERICANS. They don’t displace those with marketable skills. Guess who those people really ARE? They are American blacks and browns living mostly in the inner cities.


Easy; the drop in oil prices spurring demand for vehicles.

Equally, you’re not looking at a full business cycle, you’re examining what is essentially a trough to peak period. But don’t worry – the recovery of oil prices is now stifling that demand.

Oh I don’t deny regulations harmed us here. But tariffs don’t help; they’ve already chased away foreign customers of our intermediate goods who don’t want the added cost, and it makes the finished goods we export less competitive as well.

It also makes us do wasteful things, like import vans from Spain, then tear them apart so that they’re “passenger” vans they don’t have to pay higher duties that they would have to pay for a cargo van.


They overwhelmingly compete with other immigrants, not natives.


I pay attention to economist panels, and when they come out with what are called (oddly enough) consensus study reports.

Trendlines > headlines. No question.


There’s no such thing as a “consensus” either in economics nor in science. I REALLY wish you’d stop with this “consensus” BS.


Speaking of aforementioned Keynesians:

If there were an Economist’s Creed, it would surely contain the affirmations ‘I understand the Principle of Comparative Advantage’ and ‘I advocate Free Trade.’”

– Paul Krugman


In this case you are not duplicating “an idea”, you are duplicating a conclusion. Ideas are the property of individuals but when any individual or entity invests the time, talent and resources to manifest their “idea” into a marketable product that concluded product with all its method and design are owned by the one who devised it.

If you then dismantle their finished product to see how they did it you are not violating any laws, but the moment you reproduce their product with the intent of selling it for a profit you are selling someone elses property.

You can obtain the knowledge legally but you cannot rebrand their knowledge and sell it as your own.

This is no different than a copyright, you may be an expert on many of the philosophers that you quote regularly but you cannot reprint other peoples books with a title change and list yourself as the author then sell the book as your own.

Not because you don’t own the knowledge in your head but because you are not the originator of concluded product that you are selling.


So I’m going to lay a few more cards of mine on the table; I’m not just “arm chairing” here, this issue affects where I eat, where I live.

As I’ve stated before, I buy equipment from overseas; Pre-heaters, SMT Stations, components, and tech externals. So do other “maker” friends of mine who run e-businesses.

And I’ll be very blunt, I do not see the rationale, for why I or they, have to pay “American Equivalent” prices for their equipment.

We do not owe anyone a purchase of their particular product.

We are harmed by being forced to buy more expensive products, to the point we can’t afford them.

We are also harmed by not having access to the manufacturing market in places overseas, if & when we have a product we designed, that we’d like to manufacture and sell, at a price we can afford.

Protectionist Tariffs are interference in people excising their right to better themselves, in the name of kickbacks. It harms the consuming industries, and the people involved. A group which is always larger than the industry supposedly being “saved”.

Dispersed cost, concentrated benefits. We know the game.