Warning of 'war' on farmers, Trump seeks support in Iowa


Donald Trump warned Saturday of a “war on the American farmer,” telling a crowd in Iowa that rival Hillary Clinton “wants to shut down family farms” and implement anti-agriculture policies.
Trump’s speech at the annual “Roast and Ride” fundraiser for Republican Sen. Joni Ernst came just hours after Clinton received her first national security briefing as the Democratic presidential nominee.
Trump skipped the 42-mile motorcycle ride that preceded the event in a state where polls show a tight contest, a rare bright spot for Trump amid a sea of challenging battleground states. Joining him on stage were top Iowa Republicans — among them Ernst, Gov. Terry Branstad, Sen. Chuck Grassley and Rep. Steve King — in a rare show of support for a candidate who has struggled to unite his party.
In a hat tip to Iowa’s agriculture industry, Trump renewed his commitment to continuing a requirement that all gasoline sold contain an ethanol-based additive, an issue important to corn growers. He also promised to cut taxes on family farms, which he called the “backbone” of the country.

Warning of ‘war’ on farmers, Trump seeks support in Iowa - AP News

I do not know that much about farming and all I remember is the occasional story of rich co-ops or millionaires who own farms which drive out the small farmer. The one point I would like to address is the continuing use of ethanol which robs gas and even destroys equipment. I had read the government wanted to even increase ethanol which would make present equipment unusable forcing eveyone to buy new equipment while still getting under performance from “gas”.

Is this another sign that Trump is bending to the will of politics over good judgement? The EPA figures into this with their outrageous demands for “reforms” with little fact to back their assertions and which end up costing money and the environment greatly.

As for Hillary she will drive business to the point that not only manufacturing but farming will go over seas and we as a nation will become even more dependent on foreign sources to survive. Whether or not this is part of a globalization plan or just making the U.S. into a third world country I do not know.


The farmers that I know have been for several generations. The ones that own their land outright are in the better positions. However, the price of corn and soy beans has gone so low that even if they have bumper crop, they will still lose money.

Thanks to excessive government regulations, farming is a business where all of the inputs such as seed, machinery, and special chemicals required by the government keep increasing in cost while the final product is forced down in price by the government. The result is that the family owned farms are going out of business.

Contrary to popular belief, most farmers do not receive government subsidies. The ones that I know would rather the government move out of the way and let the market dictate the situation.

The war on farmers has been going on for many years.It’s almost too late to even mention it.


What has happened is (again) the govt has got involved. They setup rules and regs that made farming a challenge except for mega corps and uber wealthy investors. This hurt the small farmer.

Then the rise of the EPA which by the way, its the MOST POWERFUL govt agency we have, NO ONE wields more power than they do, including the CIA/FBI and DoD. They control all the water in the US and the very air we breathe. You think any farmers or even anyone who knows about farming works at the EPA? If you do I have a bridge you can buy cheap.

Watch this, its was on this morning, about 2 min: Farmer Faces $2M in Fines for Birthday Party on Her Property | Fox News Insider

The EPA and the DHS, symbiotic relationship of the Master and his enforcers. Under a far left leadership (Obama, Clinton etc) the DoD will be diminished to the point we barely defend our own shores and that money savings will be transferred to the EPA and DHS, the Master and his Jackboots.

In an earlier time much of you crops were grown in vicinity of where you lived and the local markets were supplied by them.

As for the ethanol debacle that was a knee jerk based solely upon “we can grow our way out of the energy crises”. Of course that is true…given enough land and always favorable weather and an endless supply of water. But reality means nothing to Congress and they went full head on into Ethanol added to gasoline. Its been epic fail and costly to everyone. But the govt cannot let go even if its a bad idea.

Hitlery is a globalist and she will (not being very smart) will crush small business. As I look at the Far left and sense their objectives and goals what I see (IMO) is the socialism model which Hitler foisted on Germany. Strong govt control of companies and their output. Make them as vertical as possible (from raw materials down to the consumer) which is mostly illegal in the US in some industries such as beef. The vertical model: Start with livestock on the hoof all the way down to selling it to the consumer. The arguement is “more efficient”, less middlemen. You do cut out several layers of go thru’s with each one taking a slice of the pie.

This worked and worked very well in Germany, but it did NOT work in the USSR. WHY? IMO, Hitler put Germany on a war time footing and with their nationalism the Germans worked very hard to support the der Vaterland (the fatherland). The USSR on the other hand was not on a real wartime footing and as they had crushed the small business the big govt managed companies had to hire unneeded workers. This same fate will befall the US under the far left.


The corn growers that I know want the government involvement with ethanol to relax or go away. The present regulations limit the amount of ethanol available in the market. They want that part of the market opened up so that there is more market for their product. They believe that the market will eventually stabilize at a higher level than where it is now limited. Ted Cruz was mischaracterized and vilified for proposing such a thing.


Every now and again Trump lands on solid ground - his “war on farmers” message is on target.

Martha Boneta - operator of a small Virginia farm - has been fighting local regulators in for the better part of a decade regarding use permits, etc. Fortunately, she is an attorney and studies arbitration law at Pepperdine in Malibu, CA. - an outstanding school by the way. Boneta is quite well known as a advocate of a small regulatory footprint. She continues to be hassled from time to time by the IRS.

Good God - the poor woman has a 70 acre farm, takes in and raises farm animals and sells squash and tomatoes. Big government sucks for all of us.


Contrary to popular belief, most farmers do not receive government subsidies.
My feelings: First off the government doesn’t know how to govern & they know even less about farming. Farming should regulate it’s self without the government being involved. As for government subsidies they make big farms rich & don’t really help small farms much as all. Oh & the small farms they “might” help get bought up by big farms using those same subsidies (more land so more subsidies). Once again programs to “help” that actually hurt. Oh & at the top of government “stupid” is telling who can & can’t grow peanuts. Maybe a needed thing 60 years ago but totally worthless now. Another example of government starting something & even after the need is gone they keep doing it. Reminds me of their “strategic” reserve of Helium that we are paying to store more than we need for the next 100 years.
Ethanol or as I call it the rape of the American people. Remember how it was sold to us as making us less energy dependent? So what did that program REALLY do? Well it screwed up prices of corn for a long while. Oh & corn is used in damn near everything these days in one way or another so you didn’t even have to eat corn to get screwed. And in selling that program they somehow forgot to talk about the fact that a gallon of ethanol doesn’t get the same millage as a gallon of gas. So who ended up getting it in the shorts on both the cost of corn going up & having to buy more gas to go the same distance? If you don’t know the answer to that question then you must be a democrat.


> And in selling that program they somehow forgot to talk about the fact that a gallon of ethanol doesn’t get the same millage as a gallon of gas.

They also forgot to mention that it costs more to produce ethanol than gasoline, and that can screw up engines that are built to use it. You still have to careful. If you car is not a “flex fuel” vehicle, you can ruin you engine if you use fuel that is over 10% ethanol. Some of stuff offered is 15% so check that sticker on the pump the next time you fill up.


The main war on farmers comes from government regulation, led by the EPA, and the inheritance tax.


Inheritance tax another one of Trump’s plaforms in which he says he will get rid on because it takes valuable property and destroys it.

Estate tax is unfair double taxation

TRUMP: The estate tax is a horrible weapon that has destroyed many families. In particular, farms and things where they make an income and they have a certain value and they have to go out and borrow money and they put mortgages on their farm. Let’s say it’s a business that’s not very liquid, and people have to go out and borrow against the business, you are having travesty. And the other thing is, it’s a double taxation. The tax has already been paid. I mean you’ve been hearing this argument for many years.

Donald Trump on Tax Reform

I know people who have turned their property over to their children early to avoid inheritance tax


> I know people who have turned their property over to their children early to avoid inheritance tax

Another way is to set up trusts. That’s how we worked my parents assets.

Be careful though. Not all lawyers are the same.

My father hired a cheap one, which was his way doing things. I warned him that there were problems in the legal documents, but he won’t listen since I wasn’t a lawyer. It didn’t matter that I had an accounting degree, an MBA, three courses in business law and two others in Federal taxation.

After he passed I was able to fix things for my mother, but it cost us an extra $100 thousand in taxes that we would not have had to pay if it had been right in the first place. I just pass this along as a warning. Make sure the guy you hire to do your estate work knows estate law and the tax structure.


I have dealt both with living trusts and plain wills. While it costs money to set up a trust it can save you money in the end because a lawyer wants percentage of your estate for doing little to nothing.


Ethanol requires more energy to MAKE than it will produce when used as fuel. So far, the ONLY way to make ethanol is by distillation–which requires HEAT, and lots of it. The heat is produced by burning fossil fuels (oil, gas, coal) or from electricity (which is generated by burning those same fossil fuels in large part.)


The reason that you are not a farmer or a rancher is because I and others like me ARE. Farmers and ranchers represent less than 5% of the population in America, but we feed everyone here and some folks overseas as well. The usage of corn for ethanol purposes has resulted in prices for feed to double. Try buying a bag of corn to put in your deer feeder and you see that the price has doubled in the last 8-10 years. Farmers and ranchers prepare profit and loss statements just like other businesses and the additional costs for feed puts a major squeeze on all of us. The ethanol program is just another example of the government having their head stuck up their b*tt and our country of 330 million souls is paying a horrific price for it.


The corn growers that I know are not seeing that money. The middle men are making that money.


The corn growers that I know want the government involvement to get out of the way and let the market dictate where it goes. It is a viable option to depending on foreign oil even though it possesses the issues that you mentioned. Again, let the market dictate it.


I was the trustee of my parents’ trust. Most any one with half a brain can do it; you don’t need to pay some lawyer or bank to do it. It’s not rocket science to use a cliche. All it takes is common sense. The lawyer who writes the language gets a fixed fee.

You don’t need the bank or the lawyer taking an ongoing percentage unless no one in you family is mentally or financially capable of doing it.

i need to ad ethics to the list. You don’t steal from the trust.


Not only that, John, but when the ethanol program started there were farmers who hadn’t grown corn in 50 years who made the switch to corn from other crops and this resulted in a very real shortage of row crop and pasture crop production. The ethanol program has been a nightmare. We have many machines here at the ranch that have gas motors and carburetors and the maintenance on these is three times as often as when there was no ethanol. Fuel treatments alone for these motors costs an additional 15-20 cents per gallon of ethanol gas.


Right now, thanks to government price meddling, the corn growers are going to lose money even if they have a bumper crop.


Yea, worthless pig crony capitalists like the Archer Daniel Midland Corporation that ran countless ads opposite “public affairs” programs like “Meet the Depressed” and “Face the Knitwits” until they got the paid stooges in Congress to saddle us with this crap.