Was It Really So Much Better Then?


Having heard this again after so many years, I still get sentimental tears and wonder … How the #ell can this generation depend on Rap for similar fond memories?

What a beautiful voice Judith has!

Yes Has … because looking them up (The Seekers), she is still performing!
(75 years old)


That’s music. Rap is not music. I can’t stand it. It’s UGLY.


I’ve been asking that same question for well over 20 years now. How can rap crap POSSIBLY compare?


It’s hard to find other genres that share my passion for plastic bubble packaging:


I don’t understand how this bothers people so much. I mean, I haven’t seen my generation “depend on rap” for anything, at all. It’s just another style that people are free to listen to, or not listen to. I mean, there is so much choice on what to listen to since the age of the intertubes that getting all upset over a single style seems… so very very dumb.

Oh… right, forgot this was a thing. Carry on…


I don’t think it’s the “music” itself. I agree with you there: Just don’t listen to it.

But it IS the “culture” it represents. For the most part, these rappers are sponsoring, and in many cases encouraging, criminal behavior, or at least bad behavior.

Listen to the “lyrics” sometime. It encourages things like treating women poorly, racism (the REAL thing), murder, and violence in general.

Again, you or I can dial this out, but to many youths, these people are heroes and the “culture” they represent is being lauded by them.


That’s the insidiousness of the rap hip-hop gangs. Some of the wealthiest rappers have long histories of violence and crime. Jay-Z, Beyoncé’s husband is a prime example. Tupac and Biggie Smalls are two more. Look into the murders of both these men and you’ll see that the malignancy goes all the way to the top of the heap. It’s nothing but trash and a way to rob kids of their allowance monies.


It’s not exclusive to Crap. I mean Rap. Sorry.

Just off the top of my head, Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, WIllie Nelson, and Hank Jr. Lots more that I don’t remember the names of offhand.

I’m not even going into 80’s rockers and the multitudes of drug charges. Or Crosby Stills Nash and Young… I can’t count that high.


The difference, of course, is that at least all those people you mentioned produced MELODIC music which doesn’t promote violence/drug use in their lyrics.

BTW, We all know you’re NOT “sorry.”:grin:


Well, I totally agree. Although I don’t care much for C&W music, at least it’s not offensive. The music industry has been wrought with problems with singers, band members, etc., for decades. Billie Holiday was one of the first heroin junkies in the early 1900’s. Loved her music, though.


Me, too. I also like Nina Simone and she was a doper, too. May still be for all I know.


Well, C&W does have a lot of songs about broken marriages/relationships.


Yeah! And pick up trucks! :truck:


Apparently not since she died in 2003.


I think rap is something that many “like” because they are of an age where they think they are “supposed to like it”, I say this because my kids, nieces, nephews and now grandkids are all intimately familiar with the music that I grew up with.

They own it, know all the words and have the classic stations set on memory in their cars and on their streaming services.

I was barely aware of the existence of specific music performers and songs from eras before my teens when I was growing up, I was blown away by the stuff being made in my time; in later years I discovered a lot of great “oldies” but I had no idea where to find the classic rock station on my radio in the 1970’s or 80’s.

I think the reason why the young today are so familiar with the older music is because their music sucks for anything beyond checking the “box” that says they are part of the modern culture.

The modern culture celebrates being a “follower” and embracing group think, rap is PC so it is “popular” but my nieces play the same songs in the car as they take their kindergarten kids to school that their mothers played when they were the kiddies strapped in the carseat.

The Eagles “Greatest Hits” from 1973 just surpassed Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” as the all time best selling album in history; I didn’t care for “Thriller” but does anyone really think that a modern artist will ever even threaten those sales records?

I doubt it because you can’t sell crappy music to anyone except those who feel obligated to buy it, if the music industry keeps stifling everything but the crap it will just continue fueling the overwhelming popularity of the former music; and the underground artists :wink: