Was the election stolen from Trump?

Irony Alert

2 or 3 people in each select precincts could pull off this fraud.

The rules for verification of signatures (the only check) was violated in each of the 6 states in question.

Poll observers were not allowed in the suspect precincts.

5 of the 6 States required a signed request for mail ballots to be sent out, each of the 5 sent thousands out with no request.

Each precinct has an up to date list of registered voters in that precinct and an up to date list of which registered voters have not participated.

Each of the 6 states violated their legislatures laws in how they verified the envelopes that are a mandatory part of all eligible ballots.

Each state in question has ample non participating voters to make up for many thousands of votes.

Each precinct has a running record of how many votes are needed for each candidate to take the lead.

Anyone can see how easy it would be to cast votes by registered voters who did not actually participate in the election.

If these States did not fraud the system then it will be quite easy to prove Trump and myself fools, you simply recount with observers so they can watch the verification of the envelope signatures and confirm the count; there is plenty of time and everyone can come away with confidence in our election integrity regardless of who ultimately wins.

Anyone want to bet that the Democrats will gladly support that recount? :rofl:

Anyone want to make a case why that recount would be a bad thing to do? :rofl:

Anyone want to bet that Biden gets 270 if that recount happens and the laws of each respective State are followed? :rofl:

Just show us the envelopes and we will all have egg on our faces

There is plenty of direct and anecdotal evidence of fraud. The most damning is the exculsion of GOP poll watchers and subsequent ignoring of a court order. It is vital that all of the court challanges be continued, rallies outside state legislatures and a possible mass march on DC this Saturday. If is not overturned by the courts or the state legislatures they will steal the senate in 2022. What’s to stop them?

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If the recounts with observers are not allowed or the States laws are not applied as to which ballots are legal and which must be discarded then I would definitely support Electors going rogue.

It won’t happen but if it did it would preserve the integrity of our elections; but they won’t so if these laws are violated and the results are allowed to stand then every Conservative in the United States will know that they have been permanently disenfranchised.

The result of that knowledge won’t be cities burning and property looted, it will be a carefully organized peaceful secession on the grounds that they have the Right to select the leaders that will represent them.

If you guys steal this election it will likely be the last thing you steal from the Red States; I am still undecided as to whether that will be the best result but it will be the only option that you leave Conservatives.

We don’t have to beg for faithless electors. Article II, Section 1, paragraph 2 gives State Legislatures the power to APPOINT their own slate of electors, not the Governor, not the Secretary of State, the Legislature. This was mentioned and upheld in Bush v Gore in 2000. The state legislatures in all of the contested states are controlled by Republicans.

Belly up to the bar, boys and do your duty.

Do it.
You won’t.

I’m actually more interested in this hypothetical than the election conspiracy theories. Who’s gonna secede? The Dems have mass support in virtually all the big cities and surrounding suburbs, and the Republicans have the rural areas. So, the area that secedes is now swiss cheesed with the United States that is now a bunch of land islands?

The Left Coast and New England would do just fine.

PS I am not in favor of this and pray that our Republic survives as the leader of the Free World and not a tyrannical Banana Republic à la: El Jefe said it on television so it’s the law.

Really terrible idea. We already live in a country with only superficial democracy as it is. This would just take us straight into banana republic territory.

Republicans have had decades to make a secure voting system, and instead whine about voter ids and purging rolls. Independent real-time public precinct count? Nope. Unique vote counting machine which appears in no more than a handful of states? Nope. Print out that is fed into a separate reader to prevent meddling? Nope.

Did they learn anything even now? I’m going to wager on “No, literally nothing”. Come 2022, they’ll be right back to harping on Mexicans voting and John who votes at 17 different polling locations. At some point you have to recognize that it can’t possibly be incompetence and bad priorities, but a literal desire to have exploitable elections so you have “THEY CHEATED” as a coping mechanism for when you lose.

That said, Trump doesn’t have that kind of sway with Republican officials, so it won’t happen.

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This is true, however the VOTERS have greater sway with State Legislators than they do with Capitol Hill politicians. They actually pay more attedtion to their constituents that they do to the NYT, the fake twitter universe and national media talking heads.Thousands marching on State Legistures chanting “Stop the steal” will remind them where their bread is buttered.

Have you ever heard of the Constitution?
That is a document that assigns 100 percent authority to State Legislatures regarding the rules of how voting will be executed; not the governor or the courts, just the legislature of the State.

How often do you hear about about election day crap coming out of reliably red states? Those are the states that Republicans Legislatures have managed for decades.

How exactly are Republicans at fault for failing to secure the election structure in Blue or Purple States?

I am not a Republican for various reasons but they manage the States that consistently empower them far more equitably and responsibly than any of the States that are controlled by the Democrats or that are constantly bouncing back and forth in their political alliance.

Your right, I live in California and the more corruption they have here the more they like it.

As to the rest of your assumption I will respond with all the effort that your ignorant premise deserves :+1:

When saw this thread, I wanted to boycott it. When I read the OP and saw who was responding, I knew it was just @csbrown28 rubbing it in. Life is too short to let people like that make it worst.

If if it is proven that the Democrats engaged in fraud, it won’t fix anything. Which ballots are invalid? No one knows. How many should be invaded? No one knows.

It’s over. Concentrate on Georgia and hope we can hold the Sentate.

Joe Mansion has announced that he won’t support court packing or Biden’s massive tax increase proposals. There is a glimmer of hope that the Democrats won’t make the recession worse.

You can bet though that Biden and Democrats learned something from Trump. The Democrats will put hundreds of executive orders in front of him to sign. Biden won’t know what he’s signing half the time.

One of the first orders will be to open the borders and anyone enter this country who wants to do so. Then he will put them on Medicade.

If true, it’s odd enough to be downright suspicious and demands an investigation.

I’ve stated several times I encourage investigations, if for no other reason, than to set minds like you’re at ease, assuming of course there is an explanation. If not, then people need to be held accountable.

That said, I think, and I admit I’m just guessing here, but if you dig, you’re going to find cheaters on both sides.

Don’t be silly, if I wanted to poke fun I would posted this reminding you that Trump now holds a unique distinction to be the only president to be impeached, lost the popular vote and lost an election as an incumbent. :wink:

But take heart, there will be plenty of opportunities to make poke fun at Joe “gaff machine” Biden over the next 4 years.

That’s about as ignorant a post as I’ve seen here on RO. Of COURSE Clinton accused Trump of cheating. She said he colluded with the Russians to torpedo her White House bid, which we all now know was BS. The ONLY people “tied up in lies about their dealings with Russians” are DEMOCRATS working in (or for) the Clinton campaign.

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And yet, she conceded the election the day after. Enough said.

Which “proves” that she didn’t accuse Trump of cheating how?

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She propelled HER made-up Russia hoax for the next 4 years.