Was the election stolen from Trump?

Then why did Trump gain, not lose support? Why did he do better in the very categories Republicans typically do poorly in?

Why did Republicans perform better in the Georgia runoff with him on the ballot than without?

trump sunk the two candidates in Georgia. you should read the papers. THEY LOST

Then why did they do better on November 3rd, than Jan 5th? Why did Perdue win on Nov 3rd, and lose on Jan 5th?

Why are you not answering?

I’m starting to suspect you never looked at the poll numbers side-by-side.

Alaska Slim asked a specific question. You didn’t answer said question. If you’re so sure about your position, why do you keep evading? I’m seeing this as a pattern.

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The question you should be asking is. How did the incumbent lose for only the third time since 1900? Because while he did garner more support, Democrat’s support increased even more which merely shows that there are a lot of people that would have normally stayed home who were motivated to put Trump out of office.

Further, the number of counties won by Trume declined…


What can we conclude from that?

People in counties that already favored Trump favored him more. The more interesting thing is that there were a number of counties that favored Trump reversed their support which is pretty unusual for an incumbent.

The GDP aspect of this chart is telling. People in “poorer” areas are pretty pissed off and rightly so. Voting for Trump for many was the equivalent of throwing a political hand grenade.

The Dems really need to address the concerns of these people or things will get worse.

That plea will fall on deaf AOC ears and her philosophy is what runs the party.


Paranoia on the right is part of what’s fueled the problems we see.

Show me something in Biden’s actions that show any deviation from the far left AOC program. All you want is for everyone to fall asleep while you put your oligarchy composed for corrupt far left politicians and favorited large corporations in to place. After that they will pack the court, add DC or Porto Rico as states and be in complete control … until the dollar fails and they decided to go on Bit Coin.

Biden has nothing to heal the divisions in this country except pay lip service to “unity.”

Somewhere in a post I can’t locate, you claimed that only three incumbents had failed to be re-elected president. Actually there have been six plus some others who wanted their party’s nomination but failed to get it. Here are the six:

1828 John Quincy Adams
1840 Martin Van Buren
1888 Grover Cleveland, although he was re-elected in 1892
1912 William Howard Taft
1932 Herbert Hoover
1992 George H.W. Bush

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I don’t know what the “far left program” is exactly. It sounds like something you saw on Parlor or OAN network.


You two are already acquainted, so no introduction is necessary.

Never happen.

And why shouldn’t they be? Because you think the people there won’t support the agenda on the right? That’s no reason not to give those places statehood.

Never, ever, ever happen.

Says Mr. Paranoid?

You made a bunch of baseless claims with ZERO evidence, strawman my position and expect me to take you seriously?


If you’re trying to engage in a conversation you should stop preaching and work more on the conversation part. Because you’re pretty terrible at the conversation part.

Yes, you are correct, in my original post I had used the qualifier “since 1900”, but failed to do so above. Thanks for reminding me. I’ll fix it now.

Though, 6 out of 45 is really only slightly better than 3, you realize that, right?

Would you like to discuss this, or was this purely rhetorical?

What do you think he should do?

How would that compare to the Presidential candidate you supported? I mean, it seems pretty insincere to ask for these things when you didn’t seem to care all that much about it when the candidate you supported not only didn’t heal divisions, but actively set out to create them.

So now you’re upset that Biden, in less than a month isn’t fixing what it took Trump 4 years to create?

And you say to me that you can’t take me seriously?


Stop this impeachment farce. As the leader of the party he could pick up the phone tell Pelosi to get out of it as best she can. How is this impeachment uniting the country?

Beyond that he needs to have some consideration for people’s jobs and their lives. Some rich scum bag, like John Kerry, and laugh at the little people. I was laid off three times in my corporate career, and it’s no fun. I had the cash to weather it, but most people don’t. The economy is already on its back because of the pandemic. Biden should realize that, and take it easy with the radical environmental agenda until the pandemic is under control and people can get back to work.

He needs to keep border controls in place. At a minimum it would keep more sick people from South America from bringing the plague into the United States. Biden won’t allow the U.S. to kick convicted alien felons out the country for 100 days. Watch him make that permanent . He’s sent to the message to the caravans, “Come on up here! You are welcome, and we will give you free medial care and everything else.”

There is NOTHING in the Biden agenda for middle class class.

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Here’s some more to add to your list.

John Tyler wanted the nomination from some party in 1844, but no one would have him.

Can’t show you anything from John Tyler’s’ campaigns, except “Go It Tip, Come It Ty.” Nobody liked him. He became a man without a party.

Franklin Pierce wanted the Democrat nomination in 1856, but they rejected him. His comment was, “Well I guess there is nothing else to do that to get drunk!”

Milliard Filmore wanted to run again, but could only get the nomination from the American or “No Nothing” Party in 1856.

U.S. Grant wanted to run again in 1880, but the Republicans deadlocked between him and James G. Blaine. They settled on James Garfield.

Chester A. Arthur wanted to run in 1884, after he became president after Garfield’s assassination, but was denied.

Theodore Roosevelt wanted the Republican nomination in 1912, but was defeated by Taft at the convention. He ran as the Progressive or “Bull Moose” candidate instead.

Lyndon Johnson wanted to run in 1968, but knew he could only win with a badly divided party behind him. Instead the party end up with this image. Hubert Humphrey got the LBJ millstone.

The best time for unity would have been when Trump lost. Republicans can’t walk all over the election process, cry cheating, lie about what happened, divide the country and then call for unity.

The time for unity would have been the moment we knew Trump lost. And if we didn’t know, it’s because Trump and his cronies spent months setting this up making up lies about the election.

So, again the cries for unity fall on deaf ears. Holding people accountable is the foundation upon which any sort of unity needs to be built.

I know there’s been discussion about the environment, but what “radical agenda” are you talking about and how is it affecting the economy exactly?

I admit I’ve paid a little less attention to the news recently, so tell me, what border controls are being removed exactly?

Really, I must have missed that!

Few high points of Biden’s economic agenda:

  • Provide health insurance coverage for 97% of Americans in 10 years.
  • Raise an additional $4 trillion in tax revenue by increasing the top tax rate to 39.6%, taxing capital gains at ordinary rates, and raising the corporate tax rate to 28%.
  • Forgive student loan debt and make college free for those making up to $125,000.
  • Raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour and repeal “right to work” laws.
  • Expand “Buy American” policies through government purchasing, while using subsidies, federal matching, and incentives to make American products more competitive.
  • Invest $1.3 trillion in infrastructure over 10 years.
  • Spend $2 trillion on clean energy during his first term as president.

At least a few of those seem good for the middle class.

Unity requires both parties to be on board. On one side you have the Biden Administration which was given a mandate by over 81 million Americans to undo just about everything the dumpster fire I generously call the Trump administration achieved.

On the other side you have the party of, “Lock her up!”, “Send them back”, “I’d rather be Russian than Democrat” and curiously, “Hang Mike Pence”

This is your idea of unity:

…and I’m saying that’s a bad faith position that frankly Republican politicians should have been called out on sooner.

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That is not the point. If you want to end the strife, end foolishness like this impeachment. This foolish and counterproductive.

In American history, there have been four presidential impeachments. The first one was Andrew Johnson. Jump in you time machine and use this. It was strictly out of revenge for the Tenure of Office Act, which was unconstitutional.

Nixon resigned before he was impeached. HE DESERVED THE BOOT!****

Clinton was impeached for no good reason - STUPID!

Trump was impeached for nothing based on a cowardly whistle blower who has given the term a bad name. STUPID!

Trump has been impeached without any hearings in the House to collect evidence. He’s also out of office. STUPID, POLITICAL AND DEVISIVE!

You know what’s foolish and counter productive?

Lying about the election and I didn’t see a whole lot of people here calling it what it was. Thus, again, your cries fall on deaf ears.

That is, unless you think that Trump should be held to account for his behavior?

During his trial, he’s going to continue to insist the election was stolen. He’s not going to use “his” time to defend against accusations made by Dems, he’s going to turn the entire thing into an opportunity to burrow himself deeper into Republican politics making the Republican party his party and he’ll do it because he knows the Republicans won’t find him guilty, no matter what.

That’s how far your party has slid.

Here is a piece of advise for you, Mr. Brown. Trump is dead politically. Unless he runs as a third party candidate, he will not get another Republican nomination.

Why do you keep beating the dead horse and wasting time when Congress has other other issues to consider?

I know. You hate Trump, and you are out for revenge just like the rest of the far-left Democrats. It also diverts attention from the Biden’s crappy executive orders.

Nope. A smarter way of ending the strife is to ensure that politicians who endorse mobs that build gallows outside of government buildings whilst cosplaying Call of Duty suffer severe and permanent consequences politically. Every rioter that has been arrested has said (either publicly or through their lawyer) that they would not have gone ahead were they not encouraged by Trump. He clearly can’t be trusted with a public office as he is incapable or indifferent to the consequences of his rhetoric. Literally anyone else, with the possible exception of Steve King, would spend at least some time in self reflection if they were supported by so many neo-nazis and extremists.

All that means is that there hasn’t been enough to make any sort of statistical trend or basic standard. Pretending otherwise to, to put it mildly, extremely naive. You even pointed this out. The context of each and every Impeachment has been unique so comparisons are going to be flawed at best (although I would argue esoteric proceedings that occurred over 150 years ago have zero impact on today).