Was this ad appropriate or not?


NRA Ad Stuns Conservative Pundits Into Speechlessness Followed By Really Articulate Rage

The pundits here seem to think not. What do you think?


Joe and/or Mika are conservatives? Are you serious?

The NRA’s point was/is not that President Obama’s children do not deserve protection. Obviously they do. The NRA’s point was that Obama’s and the D’s opposition - at the time of the ad - to systematic armed security at schools was hypocritical. The Obama kids had both Secret Service and the school’s own armed security people; and more than a few other pols’ kids attend the same school (as did Chelsea Clinton, IIRC). Even the added school security measure among Obama’s executive orders is a token symbol, a drop in the bucket in the context of the number of schools that already have such security.

Obama and the Ds are abusing their offices to demonize the NRA; the NRA is fighting back. The NRA didn’t pick this fight, but they aren’t rolling over or slinking away. Deal with it.

I guess you can guess my vote in the poll embedded in the page you linked.