Washington Has Received a "Time Out"


Folks, Pete said it all right here.

We don’t ban people lightly. If there is a hope of productive contribution to threads, we do all we can to not ban someone. When warnings and infractions don’t work, we have little left in the ways to address posting behavior.


Thank you Patricia. :slight_smile:


[quote=“Washington, post:22, topic:44514”]
Thank you Patricia. :slight_smile:
[/quote]you are welcome. are you back now??


Yes I am. It was a 30 day ban. As of 7 am this morning I’m back. I can post freely. I’ve posted multiple posts I’ve thought of on my time off. Your input would be welcomed.


I just noticed that Washington is banned, again. I haven’t read all of his posts since his return but I didn’t see any personal attacks. I realize that he can be irritating at times but I don’t believe he is mean spirited. If he is allowed to return, instead of pushing his buttons try ignoring his irritating posts.


You didn’t see his trolling? His know-it-all claims? His claims of authority? Insulting individuals isn’t the whole of it. He was insulting all Christians, while claiming to be one.


Is this another 30 day ban or is he out for good?


I still say he’s trying to step out on losing our bet.

Act out like a pompous when everyone knows he’s pompous, it’s too convenient!


He’s gone for good.


Well, he was given lots of chances.


And he brought nothing but childish attempts to inspire conflict.


I am still wondering if we were talking to a man or some kid. Conversations went from having millions to looking for a cheap router. He did admit he pushed stuff just to aggravate.


My personal opinion, for what it’s worth, is that this was a teen, sitting in his dark room playing a game of his own devising with adults that he thought wouldn’t catch on.


I don’t know what his physical age was, but mentally and emotionally, his behavior was more typical of a 6th grader. The statements he made, the manner in which he wrote, his disjointed thought processes, and his grandiose bravado was typically adolescent. He also seemed to prowl the threads and making comments that would hi-jack the thread because of the idiocy of some of his statements. It reminded me of a bunch of adults in a room talking and a 6th grader coming in and making noise and silly comments which manages to completely distract the adult conversation. It was extremely upsetting. I tried to work with him at one point. He asked me to help him with spelling and grammar, and in how to avoid these confrontations he was finding himself in. For a short period, it worked, but before long, he was back to his old behaviors and when I pm’d him about an incident which I considered totally inappropriate, he shot back at me with his usual histrionic reaction that he was right, I was wrong and that was the end of it. So, I knew then that this was a losing battle and cut myself off from him. In my opinion, if he is, in fact, 28 years old, he is seriously developmentally diminished. Whether an adult with that kind of emotional/developmental dysfunction can attain the wealth that he claims, is probably very slim, but not impossible. His constant darting from one idea to the next is typical of an adolescent male, too. It is NORMAL in an adolescent male, but not in an adult male. IMO, he needs a lot of psychological help regardless of his age or his occupation. I’m not sorry he’s gone, but I am sorry he seems so lost.


I’ve been reluctant to jump in here because it feels like I’m being a vulture picking at the carcass.

That’s not what my intention is nor do I think is it anybody else’s . . . it just looks that way.

I don’t think it’s JUST the fact that this guy was obnoxious. If that were the case, then patriciareed’s comment that we’re free to ignore a poster that annoys us would apply. I don’t disagree with her.

But, as I just said, and I think most in this thread have skirted around but implied, it was much much more than just being obnoxious. This guy was destroying threads that could have been productive.

I’m not railing against “obnoxious” members. We have a few of those, and even some may view ME as obnoxious. That’s part of the Internet, PERIOD, and we all adjust to that in our own way . . . “ignore”, blow off . . . whatever.

If everyone ignored or blew off, that would be fine . . . his posts would have just been another ho-hum plain vanilla hit-and-run banality.

But that has not been the case with this fellow.

There have always been those “few” that get hooked, and new members, unfamiliar with that individual, usually get hooked right away.

I don’t object to a simple expression of a contrary opinion . . . that’s certainly to be expected on a political board, and enhances productive discussion.

But when that expression is made in a form that can reasonably be seen as “obnoxious”, it can elicit that series of abrasive exchanges that drive the thread south.

I saw the resurrected behavior of destroying productive threads, and THAT’S what I had a problem with.


I think you have a very valid point here. And, that destructive element of his posts were what finally drove me over the edge. There are people who get some kind of pleasure out of seeing people upset. Example: My now deceased uncle (married to my mother’s sister) was a good guy. He worked hard, provided for my aunt, put up with her crazy Italian relatives, and was generous to my parents and us. He had a little quirk, though, and he was famous for it not just amongst my family members, but it went way back to when he was single dating my aunt. My parents and their friends, which included my aunt and her future husband, in their younger years enjoyed meeting in neighborhood bars. My uncle would get in the middle of a discussion or start a discussion and get every one all riled up, arguing, fighting, etc. Then, when he had everyone in a foaming fury, he would step out of the melee, sit back and chuckle as he watched everyone fighting and arguing. He did this many, many times, even when I was old enough to notice. I don’t think he did this maliciously, but I think he got some kind of sick humor out of it. This is kind of how I view Washington’s antics. Again, this behavior is an indication of a severely stunted development–as was the case of my uncle.


just for the record, I disagree with everything that everyone has said on this thread! that won’t come as a surprise to anyone. sometimes friends just have to agree to disagree. I probably have reasonably good communication and social skills in my “golden years”, but I haven’t always had. Consequently I identify (perhaps over-identify)with folks who don’t know for sure who they are, or who know but have trouble conveying it to others, thus getting prematurely pigeonholed. felt the same way about that other fellow, also banned, who had language problems.

I realize this is a discussion forum, not group therapy, and I accept the decision of many wise people…



At one point in his career here he stated that he lied for fun when he got bored yet got angry when people dared to ask for proof of his assertions. As you said, this is a discussion board and that attitude plus an ego bigger than most European countries made him hard to deal with.



[quote=“tperkins, post:38, topic:44514”]
At one point in his career here he stated that he lied for fun when he got bored yet got angry when people dared to ask for proof of his assertions. As you said, this is a discussion board and that attitude plus an ego bigger than most European countries made him hard to deal with.
[/quote] I felt the ego was bravado, but who really knows?