Washington Has Received a "Time Out"


That was the consensus and I accept that. Even from a really spooky molluskator with golden eyes that glow in the dark…

As for BobJam, much can be forgiven of a man who is writing a blog on our greatest vice president ever.


[quote=“patriciareed, post:40, topic:44514”]
I felt the ego was bravado, but who really knows?
[/quote]That’s NOT the point. Huge? Yes.

Ignorable? Certainly.

As I said, if it was just a case of being obnoxious . . . SO WHAT? Easily dealt with one way or another, as you suggested and as I agreed with.

But this guy was a classic, “Here, I’ll hold your jacket while you slug him” sort, and derailed threads, and as long as one person got hooked (the reality is that that ALWAYS happened, and he was told to cease)

He did this for whatever reason, I don’t know. Bravado . . . perhaps . . . who knows? But his motivations don’t matter.

Big deal . . . we can all play back alley psychologist. Doesn’t make any difference. The reality was that he sent threads south . . . PERIOD.

Now we all derail threads by going off topic sometimes . . . that’s NOT what I’m talking about. I’m talking about destroying a thread. Whether on purpose or not DOESN’T MATTER . . . that’s the way it ended up.

Let me try an example . . . and as all analogies are, this one is flawed, but it gets the point across.

A bunch of adults are sitting around the kitchen table, discussing politics.

Your five year old nephew comes up and starts to make proclamations that can be perceived by some as obnoxious.

You interject, “Oh, ignore him if he bothers you, he’s just a kid looking to display his bravado.”

So, most of the other participants do as you suggest (though some might think it’s a little precocious and rude . . . nevertheless, they smile as if to say, “How cute”.)

But there is one person at the table who does not follow your suggestion, and engages your little nephew in what devolves into a nasty dispute.

Now whose “fault” it is REALLY DOESN’T MATTER. Some think it is your fault for supporting your nephew in participating, some think it is your nephew’s fault, some think it is the fault of the adult at the table for allowing himself/herself to get hooked, some think it is just poor communications skills and "bravado, and some (LIKE ME) really don’t think “blame” matters.

Who cares whose fault it is? To me that’s totally irrelevant. The reality is that now, what had once been a pleasant, productive, and positive discussion at your kitchen table has turned into an unpleasant, unproductive, negative, and abrasive discussion centered around your nephew.

Result: Your kitchen table is no longer a place where individuals can gather to have productive positive discussions.

Translation: Any thread where brewer/Washington showed up was pretty much guaranteed to be a destroyed thread.

Conclusion: Many promising threads are destroyed. No, not by you (AFAIC anyway, and I don’t think anyone here thinks you destroyed threads . . . on the contrary, your 2cents enhances a thread.) But the common element to all those destroyed threads? Brewer.


Hmmm. I think this horse is pretty dead (and I’m guilty of my share of flogging); maybe we should just let it lie.


I had him on ignore.

Regularly responding to such creatures with the truth tends to bring on false accusations.


Agreed. As for me, I was willing to take him OFF of ignore when he promised to behave. That promise lasted as long as Obama’s promise to give us the most transparent administration in history…all of 15 seconds, or so. I don’t care WHAT happens to this guy. Out of sight? Out of mind. We should all do likewise.


That could also explain his fascination with digestive aftermath, and other bodily functions.


Well, you did let the cat out of the bag. :howler:

OK, now I’m done!