Washington Redskins To Remove Inflammatory Name


Dan Snyder, the owner of the Washington Redskins, just announced he has ordered the removal of that portion of the team name that is proving to be so inflammatory.

According to Snyder, the word “Washington” is to be removed from the team title forthwith as it represents incompetence, graft, lying and corruption. He assured fans he would no longer tolerate the Redskins to be associated with such negative symbolism. (sarc) LMAO

Those seeking an alternative to Clinton and Trump should consider the following ticket:

Weiner/Holder 2016 (major sarc)


Is this for real? If it is, the Redskins will henceforth be MY TEAM. I never watch football but I might have to start.

PS If this is a joke, Mike, you are a dirty dog!


The Texas Rangers and Minnesota Twins both had the same exact problem. Only both of the names were inflammatory. They eventually gave in and changed them.


For real??

I wish.


Not nice, Mike.


Mike is not nice :no:
Like me :banana:


Yes, I’m a dirty old dog!! LMAO


I love it!!!