WATCH: Attorney for jailed salon owner slams judge on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight'

WATCH: Attorney for jailed salon owner slams judge on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’

Warren Norred, attorney for Shelley Luther, joins Tucker Carlson to discuss the decision by a Texas judge to jail his client for reopening her salon during the COVID-19 pandemic. #FoxNews #Tucker

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that judge is wearing that thick mask. I was talking to my son, a former EMT but still licensed. He says that wearing these masks especially all day means you are inhaling more and more concentrated amounts of CO2. Would it sound ugly if I said I hope the judge keeps his on all day every day.

Wearing the mask is certainly uncomfortable. The only place I have worn it for more than a few minutes has been at the food store. I actually feel oxygen deprived after half an hour. The way I feel after I have worn it for a while can’t be healthy.

As for this judge, he’s just another extreme Democrat. What people don’t comprehend about Texas is that it’s conservative outside of the big cities, liberal in the more metropolitan areas. The City of Austin is especially bad with the influence of the ultra liberal college crowd dominating the politics.

Unfortunately the state is getting more liberal, which also the problem in Florida, because people from California are moving there (New York in Florida’s case) to escape the high taxes. These people bring their stupid, demented socialist politics with them. They don’t have sense enough to know what turned their original home states into hell holes.

Reported today that this so-called “judge” circulated a paper declaring that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is a “race traitor.” He’s a Democrat activist and a moron–which seem to be the same thing in too many instances. The woman is in jail ONLY because she refused to grovel before this guy and apologize for being “selfish” because she wants to feed her family and doesn’t HAVE a tax-payer guaranteed income. Someone needs to run this guy out of the City of Dallas…if not the State of Texas altogether.

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Clarence Thomas is a devout Catholic. At some graduation ceremony last year (I think it was last year) he spoke on his Faith. It was so beautiful and so on target. I wish I would have saved it. IMO, Thomas is a wonderful man who has come under the attack by the left-winger socialists for being a “traitor”. That is, that he is not a left-winger and he does not support abortion. Two anathemas for those pinko dems.

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Trump needs to step in immediately to send a message: Pardon the girl and arrest the judge for violating civil rights.

If you are an African-American who wonders off the Democrat Party plantation, you are a traitor and “an embarrassment to the ‘liberation’ movement.” They will send the blood hounds after you and track you down to shame you as much as possible. These are the new “Democrat Jim Crow Laws.” Obey us and kiss our feet or get kicked in the butt. “Get back in your chains, go to the back of the bus and SHUT UP!”

I summed up what this judge was when I saw his reaction to this woman’s pleas about feeding her family. He was looking all over his desk, moving papers around with no other purpose other than to ignore her. He is a pompous fool who wears and fig leaf that says he cares about humanity. He is really a liberal bigot who is drunk on his own power as an arrogant judge.


probably Hillsdale because right now that is the only college with enough intestinal fortitude to have him. The others are cowardly pusscakes.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton on Wednesday sent a letter urging a Dallas judge to free a woman he sent to jail a day earlier after she refused to apologize for keeping her hair salon open in violation of Gov. Greg Abbott’s order aimed at slowing the spread of the coronavirus.

Soon after, Abbott said he agreed with his attorney general on the matter. Later Wednesday, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick vowed to pay her fines – $500 for each day the salon was open – and volunteered to go under house arrest on the condition she be freed.

Paxton, whose office said Shelly Luther was “unjustly jailed” in a release, told Dallas County State District Judge Eric Moyé that he had abused his discretion and emphasized that the woman was keeping her business open in order to feed her family.

Isn’t there a way to remove a judge who’s lost his sense or his mind in texas. THey should fix that.

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This guy lost his mind DECADES ago. He’s a leftist activist. Always has been and you just about HAVE to be a moron to be one of those.

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OMG Trump just ripped into the media making jokes about them. LOL.