WATCH: Cernovich Says GOP Should Seek Out ‘War Crime’ Tribunals Against Democrats

WATCH: Cernovich Says GOP Should Seek Out ‘War Crime’ Tribunals Against Democrats


Hear, hear! I agree with Cernovich 100%.

Democrats, the establishment, statists, leftists, political elitists—whatever you want to call them, have committed crimes against humanity in this country and around the world.

These people should absolutely face trial, and if found guilty they should face capital punishment for what they did—just like Nuremberg.

Cernovich recently sat down with Steve Bannon and told him that we need war crime tribunals in this country…

He also called out Kevin McCarthy for being weak on the corruption and human rights abuses, take a look:


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Yeah, I get the same feeling, probably the same guy. in at least his third iteration.

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