WATCH: Dem Rep. Can't Answer Question About Constitution


WATCH: Dem Rep. Can’t Answer Question About Constitution

The following video is a preview of our full report on the recent candidates’ forum in Illinois’ 9th congressional district between Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) and her Republican challenger, Joel Pollak.
After the forum concluded, the candidates mingled in the crowd and fielded questions from the attendees. Adam Sharp of took the opportunity to ask the Congresswoman exactly where in the Constitution the Congress is given the authority to force American citizens to purchase health insurance. It is a perfectly reasonable question that everyone who voted for Obamacare ought to be prepared to answer. Representative Schakowsky was not ready.

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Reagan said it isn’t that liberals are ignorant, it’s they know so much that isn’t so. Actually, maybe they are ignorant. These are the people trying to dictate our future. I used to believe it was soley they disregarded the Constitution and many probably do. Now, after seeing this idiot, I believe it may be they don’t have basic knowledge of the Constitution.


So basically the constitution is meaningless to some people


Yeah, basically all liberals.