Watch President Trump's address live at 3:00pm today


Here’s a link to the president’s 3:00pm address today. Watch it live on YouTube.


That channel, Golden State Times keeps cutting out on me. Horrible. Here’s another channel that is supposed to carry it:


I watched it in it’s entirety on Fox. IMHO, President Trump is offering to give up 'WAY too much to the Dimwits. What he SHOULD do, is declare an emergency and BUILD THE DAMNED WALL and to HELL with the Democrats. It most assuredly IS an emergency, despite the fact that it HAS been for decades now. Democrats don’t give a tinker’s dam about these criminals rushing our border other than as future voters. As has been said, if they promised to vote for Republicans, the wall would have been built 30 years ago with machine guns mounted on it every 100 yards.