Watched Carson, Rubio, Cruz Town Hall on CNN...


Tomorrow is Kasich, Trump and Bush.

Good points for all who are interested, live unscripted questions from the audience. Speaking point of the night from Carson basically described compassion as in effect “teaching people to fish, not just providing them the fish”. Quotations mine, he described it in more detail and accuracy. Of all the candidates I think he understands social class oppression/defeatism which results from handout traps and taking away incentives to be successful, a cycle those who consider themselves “compassionate” don’t appreciate. This is why economic Conservatism, free market, minimalist government provides the best opportunities for citizens, especially in the ever expanding globalized marketplace. If you don’t harness talent, the entire society suffers, even if that talent has made mistakes in the past (his position on social justice).

I know Carson won’t win the nomination, but I sure hope he has a place in government moving forward.

Rubio and Cruz were well polished, especially Rubio who seems to have the wind in his sails. Cruz answered fewer questions but was more detailed and deliberate. He might have the momentum according to latest polls which put him ahead of Trump Nationally.