Watched the debate last night, some thoughts...


Even watched some of the undercard, Carly held her own and the focus on issues was actually better than in the second debate due to the small number of candidates.

First, Cruz has shown he is a strong debater and comes well prepared, I do think he slipped with his explanation of “New York values”, but I assume he doesn’t think that state is going to be voting GOP anyways. Cruz isn’t my guy but I can see why he would be popular and his economic policies are reasonable. He is a much better choice than Trump in my opinion.

Rubio didn’t seem to get as much face time but used all of it was well used. His electability is the highest of all the candidates in a general election. He is young, well spoken, sincere.

Carson seems to just be around for the ride. He would draw well with the Evangelical vote, and might even be able to beat Clinton, but he has fallen out of favour for me. A strong constitutionalist, maybe the strongest of the lot.

Trump stayed par for the course, he is content to minimize any attacks and damage due to his sizeable lead in the polls.