Watched the debate on CBS tonight. Bush, Rubio, Trump...mudslinging and more


Caught all but the first 30 minutes.

Have to say, once again Bush made great movement in this debate. Rubio looked much sharper than last debate also and redeemed himself. Trump was on the defensive in a very contention debate including going after his brother about Iraq and even telling the room George W failed since 9/11 happened, even saying that he didn’t listen to the CIA. A little too Jerry Springer than it should have been, was a slugfest at times. I would normally say Trump lost due to his overly aggressive low-blows, but since his style has been accepted it’s hard to know how it impacts him. He was as bombastic as he has ever been.

In my opinion Cruz lost the most, some pundits have disagreed based on the responses I’m hearing, but I just think he didn’t resonate as well. He had his moments of course, but he was more sheepish when facing Trump attacks and took some body blows from Rubio as well after he attacked Rubio on immigration and amnesty. Though Cruz attacking Trump as not being a Conservative was a powerful moment, something most voters should understand if they care about future policy. Kasich and Carson probably going to carry the bottom of race moving forward.

Bush has really found his voice and it’s clear he’s decided he has to get into the mud if he is going to be heard, he and Cruz in particular shared some strong words with Trump. However, when it comes to delivery of message, outside of the obvious bad debate last time, Rubio is the best speaker. He’s sharpest, and today had the most powerful of the closing arguments, including speaking full-out that if he is elected birth will begin at conception among other issues. He is really not backing down from his strong faith. If any of you have to watch one part of this debate, I recommend you catch Rubio’s closing statement and the response it received.

Finally, as far as I am concerned Carson is might be the most Conservative of the lot, neck and neck with Cruz certainly. Most importantly he is by far the most composed and honest of the lot. His understanding of history and Americans Founding Fathers is impressive from the reading I have done about him. If only he was a better orator this would be an entirely different campaign.


I didn’t watch it because it makes me very agitated.


Me too. I’ll wait for commentary on Monday.


Yesterday was a particularly nasty debate. Looking at some of these candidates today in various interviews on tv, they look haggard and worn out. These men are suffering from burn out I’m sure. Last night Trump really went for the low-blows, only time will tell how effective these new volleys will be.


Will read the OP after I post.

Trump made such a horse’s ASS of himself last night that he may very well have lost my vote.
The whole thing, (can’t call it a debate), was such a disaster, that I prayed no one else was watching. What an embarrassment! I don’t think the moderators can be blamed for this spectacle.

Hard as it was to watch, I guess I’m glad I did.

Dr. Carson was the only one who kept a respectful decorum about himself throughout the whole thing. I find myself agreeing w/FC in wishing he could get more traction. Apparently, he isn’t antagonizing enough.

As it stands, Cruz will most likely get my vote on Super Tuesday.

As for the rest, I hope not too many are falling for their bull. Not that I’m counting on that, mind you.


It did not set well with me when I read last night that Trump accused G.W.Bush with allowing 9-11 and said so to Jeb. I believe he also mentioned the "phony"WMDs which we know went to Syria and was told so by one of the Iraqi Generals. I have complaints with G.W. but the democrats did everything they could to undermine the war. obama has escalated this conflict to many more nations.


Yes, Carson debates with a calmness and poise that all candidates from any party should be debating. He even takes it a step further by refusing to get nasty or get personal, this was evident in the way he handled the Cruz campaign issue, telling the public to judge for themselves after seeing the evidence and basically letting it go. Its unfortunate that he has to rely on driving people to his website, something I took the time to do for most of the candidates. He feels it’s the only way to get people to understand fact vs fiction and have a cerebral exchange.

As I said, if only he was a better speaker this would be an entirely different debate. I really hope this experience doesn’t stop him from maintaining his interest in politics and public life, he could really be effective in the future and his supporters apparently really push him to remain in the race. He is an asset to the party and America.

All of the media attention that Trump garnered, especially from CNN; has almost forced everyone else to get meaner and more crude. My hope is that MAYBE voters are getting tired of it, as you expressed here. I think watching the debates is very important, I even watched the Democratic vote as it was on CNN. It really is an impressive and exhaustive process and can even be enjoyable to watch, though my wife disagrees which is why we have multiple TV’s :smiley:


He did, Sam. It was truly AWFUL to sit there listening to Trump repeat the old, ‘Bush lied, and people died,’ on TOP of his blaming W for the attack on the U.S.
(Hard as it is to give Rubio credit where due, he did speak up for Bush, and pushed hard to get the facts straight. Good on him for that.)

Trump even went one worse with stating as how HE lost friends when the Towers went down. As if none of the rest of us did?
He got booed and booed LOUD - and this time he DESERVED IT!

I was angry. :angry26:


Trump is a total embarrassment!! There is simply no other word for this man and his candidacy.

His position on KELO, coupled with the gratuitous attack on Bush 43 during last night’s debate was outrageous - Hell, I thought I was listening to Obama, Sanders or Hillary.

2cent - this guy is much more than a “Horse’s Ass” - his unpredictability renders him dangerous - IMHO.

Trump is right about one thing - Jeb Bush is a lightweight. Bush couldn’t adequately defend his own brother’s Iraq/WMD policy - It took Marco Rubio to step up and ram the defense of Bush 43 down Trump’s throat last night.

Look folks - Trump is NOT A CONSERVATIVE. PERIOD. He’s a loose cannon.

Honestly, I have serious doubts he can win in November.


I agree but Trump seems to be able to write his own rules and get away with it. I still support him and think he can win in November, unlike the rest of the field.


The very LAST thing we need is another President who thinks he can “write his own rules and get away with it,” OD! I might have been once inclined to vote for Trump if he wins the nomination, but no longer. Not after last night’s debacle.


I am okay with a President who thinks he can write his own rules and get away with it as long as he is doing it to HELP America and not HURT America like Obama does. If Reagan could have written his own rules and get away with it this would be an awesome country right now.

When you are in a knife fight in an alley and you play by the Marcus of Queensbury rules you will lose. The only way to put our Obama’s fire is with our own fire.


I don’t agree. A dictatorship is a dictatorship, regardless of which dictator you support. The beauty of the U.S system is “check and balances”. It’s similar to free speech, the reason some Libertarians support it with only a few restrictions is based on the old premise, “who decides what speech is acceptable or not?” Ones own opinion shouldn’t be the law of the land without consultation and consideration of all impacted.

I wouldn’t want Mother Theresa to have a dictatorship, I certainly wouldn’t want someone with Trump’s history and temperament to have absolute, emperor like powers.


WRONG!!! The “rules” were written FOR us in 1791. All we need to do is FOLLOW them. Reagan wouldn’t have even CONSIDERED writing his own version of them.


I think, Trump began his slide down the hill. He may grab some roots from time to time but his bombastic rhetoric is beginning to grate on the sensitivity of the populace. He IS a nasty vindictive jerk and as I have said before his business mindset is to destroy, annihilate, those who directly oppose him. His performance last night did show folks his true identity, and friends it ain’t purty.


You’re quite insane if you think it’s okay to hand the Executor of Office of the United States of America the title of “king” - no matter whose ox you think might, or might not, get gored in the process.

To even insinuate as much is to say that you care NOT for the rule of law, but, rather, the rule of man - which anyone growing up in the U.S. ought to know is a complete bastardization of the whole concept of the Constitution of the United States of America, and what it was founded upon.

You deserve to be ashamed for making such a statement.


The ONLY thing Reagan asked of Congress was to give him line-item veto so he could clean up the budget messes the Democrats were giving us. That would require a Constitutional amendment–which is what he wanted them to do.


Don’t confuse campaigning with governing. Trump has stated that he will act with Congress and not through overreaching executive action. And if you are going to choose your candidate based on his avoidance of exaggeration, lies and slime ball tactics, how can you support Cruz (or any of the others)? Maybe you are feeling the Bern?


OD: trump doesn’t act with anyone. He may talk the talk but his arrogance precludes working with anybody.


I thought he began his slide down the hill after his comments on Vietnam POWs; shows what I know. Should he campaign like McCain (loser) or Romney (loser)? He campaigns just like the democrats have for decades.