Watched the debate tonight...some thoughts...


First, Rubio was attacked hard by Christie, and he actually exposed him for his stiff talking points. Very early in the debate Rubio stumbled and repeated the same things over and over. By mid way through the debate to the end he finished strong, but he wasn’t thinking on his feet often and he was probably hurt the most. He was playing it too safe though he was very firm on his opinion on such divisive issues such as abortion, which is risky considering the Liberal NH. He lost the most, but his overall view of America to me is still very appealing.

Second, I think Bush won this debate hands down. He also really hurt Trump with his eminent domain opinion, it has to hurt Trump at the polls. His strength to me is his understanding of world affairs and with his experience in Florida he could really surge. If anyone saw the debate, I welcome you to argue that he didn’t win this debate.

Third, Cruz started strong and has expressed himself as the most conservative of the lot. His sincere apology to Carson regarding the campaign “misunderstanding” in Iowa gave him some points, and there were times he really looked strong.

Trump lost some ground, though not enough to hurt him too much in NH I imagine. Going forward, these jabs against him will add up.


I didn’t watch, but if Bush actually won the debate(I’m skeptical, based on his track record), that’s actually bad news for Rubio. People are mostly set on Trump one way or the other. A good or bad performance barely matters. Cruz is not a good fit for NH and even a great debate probably wouldn’t give him much of a boost.

But Bush getting a good show could blunt Rubio’s modest momentum. Rubio can’t hope to execute Giuliani’s “Let’s just hold out until Florida” plan successfully. He needs a close 2nd finish in NH and probably a win in Nevada(SC is just not a good state for him).


I thought Martha Raddatz was a total you-know-what-hole. A preemptive bombing of a North Korean facility? Seriously?

I have always despised her and she did not disappoint last night. Thank God for Mary Katharine Ham.

When will the GOP wake up and start insisting on its own moderators.

And since I am a fair guy,I have to say that it appears the magic is starting to wear off of my man Trump as far as debates go. His usual snarkiness that got him applause before got him booeed this time. Although one boo was not deserved, because I am convinced he was correct when he said (referring to the audience being filled with big donors and not common folks):

"…and by the way, let me just tell you, we needed tickets. You can’t get them. You know who has the tickets for the – I’m talking about, to the television audience? Donors, special interests, the people that are putting up the money.


That’s who it is. The RNC told us. We have all donors in the audience. And the reason they’re not loving me…


… the reason they’re not – excuse me. The reason they’re not loving me is, I don’t want their money. I’m going to do the right thing for the American public. I don’t want their money. I don’t need their money. And I’m the only one up here that can say that…"



Interesting, from “The Hill”:

“GOP debate winners and losers”**
02/07/16 12:53 AM EST

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie

Ohio Gov. John Kasich
Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush
Businessman Donald Trump
Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas)

Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.)
Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson

DETAILS >> GOP debate winners and losers | TheHill



Found a condensed 30 minute version.

I’d say Rubio was absolutely laid out and butchered. Christie seems like your biggest winner. Bush, I will agree, finally didn’t turtle up and meekly ask for forgiveness for being on stage.

I don’t really think the debate will be a big deal, but I would say Christie and Cruz had the best night. Rubio was the one that got hurt, and I think hurt about as much as possible from a debate with 7 people on stage.


I haven’t read this article (yet) but I mostly agree with their ranking. If Christies’s exposé of Rubio’s shallow immature pandering does not 86 his campaign then, I fear, nothing will.

Cruz did not fare well in his initial exchange with Carson and Trump. He had to back off his stand that Trump could not be trusted with the nuclear arsenal. On balance, his performance is not going to help him.

Except for Jeb’s “eminent domain” jab, Trump emerged unscathed.


The classiest moment no one noticed


In fairness regarding that video, it was not Carson’s fault. ABC News had no cues to enter the stage except them announcing it out loud and the audience drowned them out, so the candidates could not hear the introductions. It was bad planning on ABC’s part.


I think you may be being a bit too gracious here.:devil:


I wish everyone would try and remember that ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, CNNBC, et al, are ALL run by and populated by left-wing loons who have no qualms whatsoever with doing everything possible to make ANY GOP presidential candidate look bad to their viewers. Their “news” organizations are actually the very worst at this. In my memory, it started with Edward R. Murrow and his criticism of Sen. Joe McCarthy back in the 50’s. McCarthy has been since proven to be RIGHT in every one of his accusations but not a single “news” organization of the broadcast media has EVER admitted it. It continued with Walter Cronkite and his calculated effort to undermine our efforts to keep Vietnam free of communism and to egg on the KGB financed “anti-war” movement on our campuses. Clinton and Obama have committed MUCH worse crimes against the U.S. than Nixon even THOUGHT of doing, but he was forced by the media to resign in “disgrace” and the Clintons and Obama have gotten fabulously wealthy…mostly because the media steadfastly refuses to tell the public the truth about what they have done and are still doing to us.


Ahh. Something more nefarious perhaps? I considered that, but that’s just a little too far over the top for me, even for the jugheads at ABC.


The clear winner last night to me was Christie and the definite loser of the night was Rubio. It was good to see him get knocked down a few pegs. He is articulate, BUT Christie is right he answers a question then spews off some memorized rhetoric. He called him on it a couple of times and Rubio kept repeating himself. Christie made his point. IMHO he clearly demonstrated why Rubio is not ready to be president. The Gang of 8 issue will also continue to haunt him.

Trump did well until the very last minute and insulted Cruz as did Carson – really guys … let’s move on.

Kasich did well and I am not a Kasich fan, one of his better debates and New Hampshire loves him! Bush did ok and certainly had his best debate, but he’s just not comfortable in debates and it’s almost like he’s afraid to speak up and stand up for himself.

The way I see the NH primary wins: 1) Trump 2) Kasich 3) Rubio 4) Cruz 5) Bush 6) Christie 7) Carson Fiorina??

I look for Carson to drop out after NH. That’s why all this hoopla about Cruz stealing his votes is ridiculous. Carson’s campaign has been in trouble for quite some time. Some of his staffers quit long before Iowa. I believe he may have been deciding to scrap his campaign when the polls numbers started coming out and that word got out … Carson didn’t want the news coming out before he actually made a statement and was ticked off that no one consulted him (including CNN) before making a statement.


<blockquote class=“twitter-tweet” data-lang=“en”><p lang=“en” dir=“ltr”>Jeb Bush has zero communication skills so he spent a fortune of special interest money on a Super Bowl ad. He is a weak candidate!</p>— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) <a href=“”>February 8, 2016</a></blockquote>
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Christie was so hangry, he tried to eat Trump!


Your crystal ball may well be accurate but if this was a real (closed) Republican primary, Kasich and Rubio would likely be fighting it out for 6th or 7th place. I am going to be really nervous if either of these two turds becomes a contender. Bush is already finished. If any of his attacks on Trump cause Trump to lose some votes those votes are certainly not going to switch to Bush! Jeb is just following orders from RINO-CENTCOM to (hopefully) clear a path for the eventual RINO puppet. Cruz will not do very well in NH, not enough evangelicals and he doesn’t have near the get-out-the-vote ground troops that he had in Iowa.



Regarding the race for 2nd, 3rd and 4th in NH, it is truly chaotic and is completely analogous to a situation in celestial mechanics:

If only 2 massive bodies are in play their future motion can be quite accurately predicted even with small errors in the measurement of their current position and momentum. If 3 or more massive bodies are in play, tiny errors in measurement of their current state can lead to predictions which are grossly different from their actual future motion.


<blockquote class=“twitter-tweet” data-lang=“en”><p lang=“en” dir=“ltr”>NO CANDIDATE RUNNING FOR <a href=“”>#POTUS</a> HAS THE RESUME OF <a href=“”>#TRUMP</a><br>NH VOTE <a href=“”>#TRUMP2016</a> <a href=“”>#MakeAmericaGreatAgain</a><a href=“”>#FITN</a> <a href=“”>#NHPrimary</a> <a href=“”></a></p>— Jean Pierre (@FrenchForTrump) <a href=“”>February 8, 2016</a></blockquote>
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NH is probably the most elastic state in the entire race. Trump has a 15 point lead, but even with it, I’d say he’s only about a %90 favorite to win. Someone else(even Bush) could miraculously pull off an upset.

Of course the safest money is on 1.Trump 2.Rubio 3. Cruz 4. Kaisch. But really, anyone could place anywhere in the top 5. Trump is the only one with a pretty certain placement(%90 #1, %10 #2). I don’t feel like anyone else even has a %50 chance of taking #2. It’s chaos.


I doubt it. Remember that NH is an essentially OPEN primary and, historically, polling places in New Hampshire are found to be FULL of cars with Massachusetts license plates as the Mass. Democrat Party sends its minions over the border to vote for the GOP candidate they think they have the best chance of beating in the general. It is ALSO a “same-day registration” State, so Democrat voters can register as Republicans for the day, then switch back the next day without penalty…or without being subject to charges of vote fraud, which is one reason why so few “convictions” for voter fraud ever some out of such States, even though that’s PRECISELY what it is.


Independents can vote in either primary. They don’t even need to switch from D to R and back.

And while some Dems may have done that in 2012, since there was nothing going on with their side, that’s barely going to happen this time. They have their own race.

There is basically no individual voter fraud. I’ve never understood that crazy conspiracy. We can barely get half the population to vote at all, and people think some folks are voting 10x. The only fraud happens with the people in charge of counting the ballots. Paper or electronic.