Watching (almost finished) the Town Hall on CNN, Kasich bringing the most passion


He won’t win, he is dividing the vote and is an also-ran, but tonight he is really bringing the passion. Has a decent Conservative message tonight.

Some other notes. Trump doesn’t know how to answer questions directly. When asked a question he goes off on an unrelated story. This being said my guess is he is more flexible than he once appeared.

Cruz is someone who delivers a strong message and is able to convey it well. He would do himself a favour and also show a bit more of a sense of humour, he doesn’t seem to resonate with the average voter and apparently has even less popularity with the general public of women then even Donald Trump (if what was stated on CNN earlier today is accurate).

If this goes to a convention, it will be very interesting.


Trump took back his pledge to support a GOP nominee.

The new Bull Moose Party! Now with more Bull!


This is the heat of the moment, Im not sure any of these candidates are in the mood, especially considering the process which might require a convention.