Watching Chief David Brown answer questions, I wish we had his leadership over here


Not only are the results of Dallas police extremely impressive, a 51% reduction in crime over 1 year, but he has stated the stretch of their outreach program to youth, while at the same time not sugar coating challenges they have to confront.

He is right that too often the police have too much put on their plate, they have to solve every ill of society when noone else picks up the mantle. Living in Toronto I can tell you that in my lifetime no chief of police here comes close to this guy, both in his sincerity and his effectiveness, many of these Toronto Chiefs would be viewed as an insult to most of these Dallas police. Abuses that other departments wouldn’t allow or pursue.

For all of us who don’t live in Dallas, you can’t help but appreciate this guy, it’s clear why the best want to work for him. Guys running towards the terrorist when he is actively firing, throwing caution to the wind. Others falling to the ground and yelling at others to run while he cannot. You can’t just recruit these kinds of officers through a campaign at the local mall, you have to have something to draw them. I imagine a desire to serve and this Chiefs reputation is a big part of this. They are making $44,000 to start but their value to the community dwarfs this payroll, and it looks like the chief will be pushing for an increase to their pay. Kudos to him.


I read an article last week that the DPD are losing police faster then they can be replaced due to morale and pay issues.


Increase their wages and have support from the community. Texas is the best state in America and the most loyal to the constitution, support those who support you.


If Chief Brown is not busy for the next four years, I think Mr Trump is needing a guy in the Second Seat.
It’s about time that folks be advanced for ACHIEVEMENT and not FOR VOTES.