Watching CNN, the question of N.Carolina bathroom issue comes up with two guests...


Is this supposed to be good journalism?

A Trump supporter (Huckabee’s daughter I believe) and Lyndsay Graham, a reformed Cruz supporter, both asked about the N. Carolina bathroom issue and their candidates position in back to back separate interviews.

This is embarrassing to watch. Graham in particular pointed it out accurately, “the subject was the further thing from my mind this morning”, was a slight uncomfortable silence between the hosts. Even as they tried to pin him down over and over on the issue again…just disgusting.

So no question about how they would address a $19T debt, illegal immigration, how they will deal with Iran, Russia, China, ISIS, what their economic philosophy is.

Canadians make fun of Fox, even banning it from our cable package, but I rarely see these issue of “non substance” covered over and over. Fox has their own problems, but this is comical.

This is as important an election as the world will experience, and this is the substance of the discussion.


That’s what I keep saying. I don’t care about this social crap, but everyone is just obsessed with it. I’m personally far, far left on social issues. But I’d similarly vote for someone who wants to round up gays and women who previously had abortions and stone them in the public square(this isn’t a federal issue, and we’d never end up with a majority of representatives supporting this). I literally do not care about this stuff. It’s a distraction.


I think it’s a legitimate issue to talk about, since it’s being pushed, and it’s going to have profound impact on society at a fundamental level. And I just learned yesterday that Trump spoke in favor of transgenders using whichever bathroom they want.


I am not sure if you are being facetious, as Federal issues go, this wouldn’t make the top 100.


This issue is absurd. What are we going to do, have full body scanners outside all public restrooms? Appearance? I am sure all of you have seen people in public places and been unsure of their sex. I am equally certain that we have all seen people and misjudged their sex. Schools are not public places and should be governed by school boards. This is a red herring issue, it certainly doesn’t belong in a presidential campaign except, possibly, for candidates who want to distract from important factors and appeal to extremists on the left and right.


And the Double Down.

Chad Sweet on CNN answering this question again now regarding Cruz’ position on this “issue”.


Cruz seems hell bent of giving the left an endless supply of ammo to use against him in November if, by some miracle or fulfilment of prophecy, gets the nomination.


I am not being facetious. The erosion of morality will make the rest moot.


I don’t say this to be mean-spirited, but I seriously wonder if you would have taken this position before Trump stated his in this matter.

Why should it not be a Federal issue, since many states are making an obscene gesture at the will of the people and basic inarguable morality on this issue? Doesn’t this issue call for leadership to set things to rights (not that I expect it will happen, at least not by man) and protect people from perverts?


What’s especially funny is that no one enforces this even as of now. I see women in men’s bathrooms all the time. And if they’re cleaning the men’s room, I just go straight into the women’s room. I have never once had anyone say anything, or even act like it was unusual. And I’m clearly a man. A dude in a dress could easily just be a really ugly woman. I see more women who look like men in mild drag, than I’ve seen actual men in drag, but it’s really hard to tell until you hear their voice.


I was trying to point out that this kind of law is not practical and is virtually unenforceable. There are already plenty of laws to prosecute a hetero, homo or bi-sexual behaving badly in a restroom or anywhere else in public. Most parents will not allow young children into a public restroom unaccompanied, exercising their personal responsibility for their child’s welfare. A father will take his young daughter into the men’s room and stand outside the stall. Ditto for a mother with a young son. That has been going on forever. We are now going to litigate this because transgenders (maybe 1/10th of 1% of the population) are using the technically incorrect restroom? Of this onslaught of 1/10th of 1% perhaps 1/100th of 1% of them will attempt something illegal, that would be 0.0001 of the restroom users. These probabilities are down to the level of where airline hijackings were before the draconian security measures. So yes, my suggestion that body scans or pat downs would be needed to enforce this are not a joke.

As for my support for Trump. He could say almost anything about this particular law and it would not matter to me. I think it is foolish for any presidential candidate to weigh in on this issue but with the appetite of our current society it seems unavoidable.


This isn’t about people who proclaim their identify as transgendered. It’s about the myriad of those who will proclaim their identity as transgendered when it will get them a free pass into the restroom of the opposite sex. It’s not enough to prosecute those who predictably will take advantage of the law; it needs to be prevented.


Can confirm, I have seen many times women in the men’s restroom. I’ve also been in the womens a few times myself because of cleaniness reasons in the mens room. Women tend to go into mens rooms because of the long wait lines…