Watching RNC, Donald Trump Jr. is a true Conservative...


Just an interesting assessment considering how much I had viewed Trump as anything but a conservative economist. His son Donald Jr just gave a powerful and passionate speech. Definitely is a Conservative, using the type of language and hitting on vital points that his dad would be wise to learn from. One hell of a speaker and might be the advocate that Trump could use if he hopes to have a chance. I can certainly imagine he has a career in politics.

One of the funniest things he stated regarding the current state of politicians, to the effect, they are lacking a “phd in common sense”. If you haven’t been following the convention, his speech is worth watching. Did a hell of a job, dare I saw “Reganesque”?

Oh, and just watched Ben Carson, and he really went outside the lines comparing Clinton and her admiration for a person while in college, who coincidentally dedicated a book to Lucifer. He might be a smart guy, but wow, he sometimes goes off the deep end with these crazy comparisons.


I saw it and he was very very good.

On the carson note. How is that going off the deep end. It was true. And it is something people should know because it says a lot about her character…or lack thereof.