Watertown Police Chief: Dzhokhar Killed Brother by Running over Him (New details)


Watertown police chief Edward Deveau said Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the 19-year-old suspected Boston Marathon bomber who was captured alive on Friday, killed his older brother Tamerlan by driving over him and dragging his body through the street with a carjacked SUV Thursday night.

Deveau, in an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Saturday, said police officers were handcuffing Tamerlan, who had run out of ammunition, when Dzhokhar came at them in a carjacked SUV. Watertown officers were able to get out of the way.

The brothers were armed with pipe bombs, firearms, and explosives and had been in a firefight with officers on Thursday night after they reportedly “assassinated” an MIT police officer. Deveau said a pressure cooker bomb also went off during the firefight, causing a major explosion. The brothers threw explosives at the officers.

Dzhokhar eventually abandoned the SUV, fleeing on foot. He hid in a land-docked boat in a Watertown neighborhood, where law enforcement found him Friday evening.

According to Deveau, a person who had gone out for a walk and noticed a trail of blood leading to the boat called authorities…

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This explains one of the conflicting reports early in that incident where some media people reported that one was was in custody while the other got away. In the process of fleeing, the one who got away killed the one who was being taken into custody. The media types either reported that one was in custody before the running down, couldn’t see that the one being taken into custody had been run down, or knew but thought the one who had been run down was still alive.


Wow, what a mess. There is no logic in all of this, pure madness.


I was watching “his girl friday” a movie and at the start there was a disclaimer that the reporters are not like real reporters when it came to doing the news.

The fact was reporters today like to make up facts just like they did in the movie to give a certain slant.


Well, that’s nice. But did anybody tell their daddy?