We Are Democrats

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I’ll admit; I thought the first few images were legitimately part of the ad.

People with beards having babies? Totally stuff the Dems would hoist up and celebrate. Signaling to antifa? Sure. Couldn’t read the pelosi headline, so it wasn’t until the “legalize pedophilia” that it finally hit me this was parody.

THIS is not parody. BUT your response does not surprise me.


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As CSbrown shows you, it says so in the description.

And yet, the Democrats ARE endorsing the concept of “legitimizing pedophilia” as a “lifestyle choice protected by LGBTQ-MNOP laws.”

I’m curious how many Democrats have to support something before someone can say “Democrats support X”?

I mean, is one enough? How about 100 or 1000?

How about any Democrat with a Democrat Party leadership position such as Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff-less or AOC?

So your position is that they all support pedophilia? Don’t suppose you have anything to back that up (I won’t hold my breath)?

Who said “all?” Are you REALLY this stupid?

You sad any Democrat with democrat party leadership position…

The all I was referring to were all of the people you listed. That seems obvious.

Now, source please?

This doesn’t surprise me. I’ve made predictions of open pedophilia that would be claimed as “normal”. Next will come sex with animals, sex with dead people, etc.

See here