We live in a fascist state

It’s not coming soon … it’s already here.

Justice for J6: Rally scheduled for Saturday. Expected to be small. Why? Fear. Fear of violent assault be BLM and Antifa. Fear that proportioned self defense will get them arrested while the BLM/Antifa thugs are given a pass by police. Fear of identification by the FBI followed up by harassment. While I sympathize with the protest, I would not attend even if I lived close to DC. Suppression of freedom of assembly under color of law … textbook fascism. PRAY FOR A PEACEFUL OUTCOME.

White House collaboration with Social Media to suppress discussion of November 3rd stolen election.

White House collaboration with Social Media to suppress discussion critical of vaccines, masks and mandates.

Press blackout of border crisis which is out of control.

Unconstitutional vaccine mandate on employers. It will take time to work through the courts. Meanwhile employers are coerced into compliance or face severe penalties.

Known and unknown politically targeted FBI investigations against political enemies of the regime.

Unspecified retaliation against state governors who exert states rights.

Ongoing political purge of our Armed Forces.

Motto of the Banana Republic:


Bill of Rights articles 1, 2, 4, 8, 9 and 10 are effectively dead. Haven’t read them in a while? … PLEASE RE-READ THEM TODAY.

Arizona election audit report expected to be made public Sept. 24. If this DOESN’T happen, the election investigations in all of the other states will collapse with the full co-operation of the establishment RINOs. I do not believe the Republic can survive this. The virus goalposts will continually be moved all the way to November 2024. Cheat by mail will be institutionalized by then.

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Everyone has a right to peaceful protest even if its in poor taste. I think this is in very poor taste given the prior national tragedy.

I think BLM & Antifa have made things ok that were once too taboo. Then J6 did it somewhere we all hold sacred (our capital) against something we all hold sacred (democracy). I want to argue there is a difference between trashing a target for racism which is stupid destructive and lawless. It’s different to attack elected officials for the peaceful transition of democracy. Democracy and the transition of power relates to 1000’s of issues. No one is going to lose their rights over a pair of sneakers gone at target. I hope that really resonates it.

I hope it stays peaceful. I hope no one is intimidated by the FBI/MEDIA/Police. I mean back in 1977 the ALCU of which there were many Jewish Lawyers supported the Neo Nazi’s right to a parade. https://www.aclu.org/other/aclu-history-taking-stand-free-speech-skokie

I’m a 1970’s kind of Left I don’t think the vibe changed. I think people got too easily offended. I also think a lot of people are choosing to sit this one out because they understand the issue of poor taste.

It’s not “poor taste” it’s intimidation.

Name the elected official who was physically attacked.

Minor point but we do not live in a democracy = mob rule.

The prior national tragedy was the theft of the November 3rd election.

Compare with the 1954 incident of PR terrorists opening fire from the Senate gallery wounding 5 members of Congress. Sentences commuted by the peanut farmer.

1971 Weathermen bombing of Senate restroom.

1983 leftist bombing of the Senate chamber.

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I’m going to need an individual on record who wanted to go who said he was intimidated to believe this.

I was speaking metaphorically but about 170 police were assaulted that day.

We live in a republic with representative democracy that gets it power from the consent of the governed.

I’m not going to touch this with a 10 foot pole.

I disavow all acts of political violence.

In fact I’d like to know how many of your compatriots believe that Nov 3rd was a greater tragedy than January 6th @all fourm members. Even if you don’t believe the election was legit ok as Democrats have felt multiple times ie 2000 ie 2004 ok… the logic fails to follow that January 6th was anything but a tasteless crap show. How can I condemn BLM/ANTIFA/ALL political violence but you fail to condemn one event? Are not the peacemakers blessed will they not be called children of God?

January 6th was a peaceful assembly to petition the Government for a redress of grievances by HUNDERDS OF THOUSANDS OF CITIZENS.

A small number of overly enthusiastic people entered the Capitol building under circumstances that under dispute. Property damage and trespassing misdemeanors gets SOLITARY CONFINEMENT WITHOUT VISITATION for 9 months. They deserve punishment for their criminal activity but this an is excessive response.

Maybe you’d like to answer the question that @csbrown28 couldn’t:

BOTTOM LINE: IF Joe Biden got 81 million votes and pulled off this election from his basement the democrats would be transparent and rub our noses in the fully examined election results. Instead we have nonstop obstruction, slow walking, continued defiance of lawful subpoenas, numerous violations of state election laws before, during and after election day and censorship through their Big Tech running dogs.

Give me a rational explanation of this behavior or we have nothing further to discuss re the election.

Reality Has been lost in you. As some might argue abandon hope all ye who think ye this.

So small that people were beat with flag poles and fire extinguishers hey where’s somewhere you like maybe we can just do that for fun sometime ya know I’m sure you’d love it it just be a excessive response to jail people for 9 months for bashing you in the head with flag poles and fire extinguishers. Just let em off with a warning. Mind you even the people who just stood there and took pictures could of stopped the violence or even dissuaded them.

When bush was seated in 2000 we threw tomatoes at his motor cade that’s what democrats did in 2000 when we genuinely believed the election was stolen.

You are a dangerous person wether you know that or not, that level of demagoguery is beyond the pale, and your party can only protect that line for a very small amount of time. If you wanna be like the Neo Nazi’s in 1977 that’s your right bro but it’s utterly tasteless and downright sometimes dangerous. I think you probably deep down know this if you are like in the top 90% of decency. I would expect this behavior from very few people inmates, PTSD fragged war guys, this shouldn’t be normal speech and I really don’t think it is. I’m going to continue believing you are the fringes of the fringe.

If you count the nearby residents of DC as in attendance, maybe.

That’s one way to put it.

Here are some pics of the “overly enthusiastic” people at the capitol visiting WHILE Congress was in session delivering election results.


Yup, just a few “overly enthusiastic” people.

Seriously, makes me laugh. You are clearly brainwashed if you believe any of the things you say.

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@csbrown28 I came he’re trying to find common ground. Largely because I’m one of the Americans who doesn’t want 2024 to be The Purge Election Day. Do you really think the donor class of their party would tear down it’s institutions in hopes of tax breaks? Don’t you think the The Koch brothers deep down appreciate the tapestry of culture, and history we have created? Maybe I am naive what do you think the numbers of folk like Old Dog are in relation to the whole party? I know many are quietly complicit. Man I wish Joe Manchin took barking orders from the activist class like their senators do.

I don’t have the time or inclination to refute (with sources) all of the BS in this thread. I’ll leave it with the question that none of you has been able to answer:

BOTTOM LINE: IF Joe Biden got 81 million votes and pulled off this election from his basement the democrats would be transparent and rub our noses in the fully examined election results. Instead we have nonstop obstruction, slow walking, continued defiance of lawful subpoenas, numerous violations of state election laws before, during and after election day and censorship through their Big Tech running dogs.


Vaya con Dios.

Wisconsin was audited within the week of the vote they found 30 extra votes for Joe Biden
Cyber Ninjas Got there dongs all over the results in Arizona and won’t share them even after a subpoena. Cyber Ninjas is a right wing data analytics operation tied with Mike Lindell. If your got your head out Mike Lindells Methhead arse for five minutes you could see.

Bush stole the election in 2000 and we pelted his motorcade with tomatoes. if you really believe that pelt the motorcade with tomatoes don’t try to hang the Vice President and crap all over the senate and house and beat the police guarding it.

Virtually all of the states that swung the election for Biden are in Republican hands and not one of those states has offered up anything that would cast doubt on Biden’s win.

The fact is, Trump was so unlikable he lost Georgia. GEORGIA!!

That’s a softball throw and Trump missed it.

The fact that Trump lost Georgia, a state controlled entierly by Republicans who have come out and detailed their recounts. Explained all of the supposed “irregularities” should be enough on it’s own to prove that Trump lost the election.

Now I’ll agree that Biden didn’t win the election from his “basement”, Trump LOST it.

Of course we knew he would. Even most republicans, some here, would admit that Trump’s worst enemy was himself. The fact that this surprises you is the only real surprise here.

Except for business owners who see a livelihood they’ve spent decades building destroyed, because capricious lawmakers won’t crack down on the rioters for fear of woke-backlash.

Exactly what happened in Portland and other towns, for months.

People pressured to put up “don’t hurt me” signs, and being shook down by those who are basically gangsters to give them resources, or be ransacked.

That doesn’t sound like rights being tampered with?

De facto matters as much as de jure I say.

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In a word (albeit a compound one), hogwash. The left’s beef had little if anything to do with the legitimacy of the election, and everything to do with the results (I realize that you might argue the same about the 2020 election). I’ve never even heard of a beef about the legitimacy of the 2004 election before.

The actions of the people on January 6 were stupid and violent, and what they did deserves to be prosecuted. The vast majority of conservatives agree with that.

BUT the left ignores what went on in the cities like Minneapolis, Portland and Seattle for the entire summer before that. They were “peaceful protests.” A stupid CNN reporter was actually saying the protest was “peaceful” while a building was burning behind him in the background. George Orwell couldn’t have come up with anything better.

BLM tried night after night to burn down the Federal courthouse in Portland. The powers in charge finally got around to prosecuting someone. The reaction from the news media and the Democrat Party are disproportionate.

As sincerely as you felt about 2020 is sincerely as we felt about 2000. Radically different outcomes, in any issue the facts may be undecided but this one is true. The way we behaved then vs now is different. I’ve condemned BLM/Antifa no one of you can say the crap pulled on January 6th was immoral. This is why people are so very very hesitant to switch right now. A lot of Americans are voting because we don’t want more violence.

Get ready for another shocker it was wrong it was illegal and it needs and has been prosecuted.

Actually, I didn’t feel that much about 2020, other than that there were some definite irregularities. Although Trump didn’t do himself any favors, I’m convinced the main reason he lost was (I’ve expressed it this way in the past) because the “news” media tilted the playing field so far in Biden’s favor that it was nearly vertical.

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I take that back rights were violated… but they didn’t try to hang the Vice President, and kill a bunch of congress that was the goals but they were evacuated. No much to shoot burn or loot when all the people that matter were taken underground and out of site behind blast doors. That fact that it got to that there is no moral equivalent its like a murderer wanting to plead guilty for rape they are two very different crimes yes horrible but one more so than the other. Julian Assange was hit with the Espionage act for publishing what if the DOJ really wanted to tan some hides there is no actual defense to it just a kangaroo court they could of brought it out but it would of further divided us.

Lot’s of irrelevant noise no one has even attempted to answer the question. There is at least one rational explanation, it’s too obvious. Maybe there is another explanation. C’mon, give it a try.