We live in a fascist state

Because past experience; We’ve made a parade in the past of finding a handful of illegitimate votes; even if they did nothing to change the result.

No, I don’t think the Democrats are interested in going through that. I don’t think there’s any reason they would be.

I think it’s pretty clear they won this election on basic electoral principles; something even Tucker Carlson has copped to even as he still bangs the drum about audits.

I live in Colorado; we’ve had a mail-in ballot system for nearly a decade. Democrats got a bump in the polls after it was implemented. It has nothing to do with fraud; and everything to do with their outreach to poor urban voters.

I’ve thought for years that if this same system was rolled out across the country we would see that same effect, and I’m positive this election proved that guess right.

Secondly; Presidents tend to lose elections where they’re facing economic turmoil, and Trump was dealing with the mother of all crises. The worst since the Great Depression. And the media was more than happy to point to finger at him for why.

The backlash was not only palpable, but predictable.

Tied with a system that makes voting easier than ever before; reactionary votes (stoked by media narratives) were against him and were going to decide this election by a wide margin.

He won 2016 by the thinnest of margins in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania when people sat at home. The Democrat base in 2020 had motivation & means to show up. This isn’t hard OldDog.

He won Michigan in 2016 with less votes than which bush lost in 2004. So Bush lost in 2004 and got MORE votes. Hillary Clinton was an awful pick I mean it caused me to vote green that year. Michigan is a perfect swing state Govenors go back and forth party to party for 3 terms. Granholm, Snyder, Whitmer. So many people felt the Clinton Dynasty was inevitable they just stayed home.

I wouldn’t say Michigan is as partisan as Wisconsin where its all about turnout, I would say Michigan voters are the burn it down kind of type. We’re broke, it’s cold, and violent. I would argue that Biden was possibly the weakest candidate in history since Bob Dole or McGovern, not one person voted for Joe Biden they voted against Trump. Not even Joe Biden voted for Joe Biden, he thought he was at stake and shake,.

All of that is crap and didn’t happen. There’s your rational explanation - glad to help. I’ve gotta say, it’s amazing that people are still confused that a President who never had approval ratings above 50% lost an election. It’s pretty obvious if one wishes to be objective about it.


@Patooka lets just assume somehow Biden is a cryptofascist or whatever usually they call him a commie so this means they’re warming up to the administration. Ok we act on that pretense the only logical thing is to do the least fascist thing possible to piss off the SS, which would be Hawaiian 80s Dance night… someone lets commit to defeating the beast. I challenge everyone here to go the silliest retro throwback dance night they can find and dance their gourds out to bannaramma.

You’re the only person I know of claiming Bush lost in 2004. 2000, yeah, there are a bunch. But 2004?

Bush Won the electoral College in 2004, AND he lost MICHIGAN, Trump carried Michigan in 2016 by less votes in which bush lost in 2004.

I know another. He’s in the American Political Items Club, APIC. He’s a labor union boss, and bellows that George W. Bush stole Ohio in 2004.

The vast majority of APIC members are very liberal to socialist Democrats. I have belonged to the organization for years. Because of Covid, I was not able to go their 2020 and 2021 conventions. Some of them are just as happy because I always won the trivia contests.

And that means Bush’s 2004 victory was illegitimate for what reason?

The cognitive dissonance of these protesters is amazing.

Key things I have learned:

Fauci created and paid for the Covid virus.
Nobody died on Jan 6 except the people that did
Nancy Pelosi is to blame for everything
Blacks are in prison because socialism
I have been an investigative journalist at some point in my life without knowing it
Oxymoron means giving moronic-whatever

I am learning so much from these antifa deep state actors.

Can you please make a montage of moments from the BLM riots? That would be awesome.

Because he’s a republican. Next week when they start tearing down statues of Abe Lincoln remember this.

Actually they have tired and be stopped in a few places. They did remove a Lincoln stature in Boston with is similar to the one they saved in Washington, DC. Here is the reason:

The decision “acknowledged the statue’s role in perpetuating harmful prejudices and obscuring the role of Black Americans in shaping the nation’s freedoms.”

Statues like this were built with funds raised be emancipators like Fredrick Douglas. I guess in the grand scheme of thing, Douglas was an “Uncle Tom.”


What is really behind this crap is that these clowns hate the United States. They are determined to change our culture, history and entire political system. They have no respect for any American figure other that those who were socialists or communists.

You are now my number one favorite forum member.

Be careful, the truth about the Democrat fascist state could get you banned. LOL

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Sorry you live in a Fascist state maybe you wanna move to Vermont or something where is high level of personal freedom. It breaks my heart to hear the way people in Alabama and Texas have to live, the state decides what books they can get at the library and stuff. Can’t even own a personal stimulation device in Alabama no joke you need a prescription. Is a turbocharger on an inline 6 a personal stimulation device fraid to ask about that in Alabama.

They stopped with the statues but moved on to re-naming schools and things like that.

Yeah it’s cool to have schools named after confederate slave owners. Really reminds people what to expect out of life here in the states. Maybe in Germany they should create Adolf A Hitler School For Boys and Girls… ya know the remember the past and heritage and such. In Russia they should make Loving Stalin’s Patriotic Orphanage for Young SuperWaifs. Awful that liberals would want to take the names of war criminals off schools. We should remember Nathan Bedford Forrest, cause heritage and Eagles and Patriotism cause even dead bad guys get remembered here. That will teach those fascist democrats that republicans believe in equality by putting up a man who stood for slavery and war.

Removing Presidents from coins and currency will come soon. Ditto “In
god We Trust”.

Washington was utterly opposed to Presidents on coins. I agree, go back to lady Liberty. Teddy removed “In God We Trust” for a short time in 1908. Public outrage brought it back.


I’m not offended by that. I worry God is offended by that being claimed by a nation state, as like a mascot. Graven images, no God specified.