We live in a fascist state

He was trying to be very careful that the new president not become another version of the king.


Totally false statement

Here is a 1907 High Relief $20 gold piece. Many people think that that this is the most beautiful United States coin. Not the the motto, “In God we trust.,” does not appear on the coin. Theodore Roosevelt thought that it was blasphemous because money could be used for immoral purposes, like gambling and prostitution,.

Mass producing the High Relief design was impractical because it took three blows from the dies to strike the coin. The coin had to be heated (annealed) before each strike. Toward the end of the year the design was modified to the low relief format.

Part way through 1908 Congress voted to restore the motto, and it was added to the reverse, above the sun, under the eagle.

This early silver dollar displays one of my favorite designs for “Lady Liberty.”

That’s my favourite too. I call it the barmaid design.

You must be a collector, @akaOldDog, few people know very much about these early coins.

Here’s the highest grade piece I have, an 1800 half dime. This coin is only a little bigger than the nail on your little finger.



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There are some lessons to be learned from people like Nathan Bedford Forrest and John Breckenridge. They are had a talent, but their wrong headed ideas led to their political destruction. We should not name schools after them, but they should be remembered in history because they provide us with valuable lessons.

Of course if you like the people you support, @Unitedwestand, you totally ignore historical lessons because you have to re-start civilization. Nothing that happened before matters.

For the record, John Breckenridge was the youngest vice president in history at age 35 (1857 - 1861) He served under James Buchanan. He ran for President in 1860 under the pro-slavery expansion Democrat ticket. After finishing second in the election, Tennessee elected him to be one of their senators. His pro-southern views got him indicted for treason, and he fled south. There he joined the Confederate Army and because a successful general.

After the war he went into exile in Canada and Europe before he returned to the United States. At one point President Grant asked him to serve in the Government. He refused. He died circa 1875 from diseases he caught while he was fleeing Federal Forces in Florida. He was an example of person with a great deal of talent who made the wrong choices.

Here is an 1860 Breckenridge presidential campaign ferrotype. And yes, these pieces are quite scarce.

Wait, what? How did we go from fascism to coins?

1/6 was a nothingburger.

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Oops, wrong thread. Meant to post this in the Gulag thread.

Fascists want to erase our history, our heroes and our culture with their reality. The best way to that is to let them re-write the history and destroy images of the past. Coins are reminders of our past.


Not only is there now a “war on cash,” both coins and bills, but there seems to have been a war on coins for decades. The penny has been a worthless nuisance at least since I was in college in the '80s. (I caught my college roommate sweeping up a penny with the dust and discarding it. After some thought I realized that was reasonable.) Why is it still being minted?

And why is there no practical sized dollar and five dollar coin? We should have gotten rid of at least pennies and maybe nickels and dimes long ago and added larger denomination small coins.

Now there are signs posted at grocery store checkouts that “there’s a national coin shortage.” Most people use credit cards, so the coin shortage is clearly intentional.

Every electronic transaction can be monitored by our increasingly nanny state which makes harassment easier.