We Live Next To You

I see a ton of hyperbole on here. Come on we live next to each other, your democratic neighbor is not some crypto-CCP supporter ok it just doesn’t check out. I don’t think my right leaning neighbors have swastickas, how are we so full of hammers and sickles in our eyes? Why does your mind go to Soviet Union instead of Sweden? I drive a Volvo not a Trubant or Yugo. I’m more Olaf Plame, than Stalin. I see you people, and I think England a very socially conservative society that regulates media like my religious aunts. You gotta stop the breitbart binges and come out of your bubble. I read right wing media like the Reason, New York Post, WSJ, The federalist, townhall, and forigenpolicy.com so I can get out of my bubble.

Probably not, but a good number of the people they vote for are CCP supporters because it’s in their economic interest to cover up for the CCP. The people who vote Democrat are often to the right of the leaders who set the agenda for the Democrat Party.

Are a “good number of the people” who vote for the Republican party managing Russian Interests? Aren’t you tired of calling each other beholden to another country? I mean lets debate the issues, it doesn’t mean we paint each other as Russian and Chinese. You likely hold very sincere views that would be described as modern conservative, and I hold views deeply sincerely that would be modern progressive. What does a functional America look like? Do you remember 9/11 and you know what I got a whole Book on the things I don’t like about GHWB but that moment there that year we were American first. Does it really take a horrible attack to bring us together? I live in a small city in a county that are both 50/50 neither candidate won a plurality of voters (over 50%) in 2016 or 2020. I’m at the crack of a divided America and I love my neighbors I love them and would treat them as I would myself. I think the 2016 election was unfair you think the 2020 one was. Both parties burnt cities and tore apart buildings and it was awful on both sides. Now think really think if our better angels took the wheel for ten maybe 20 years? What could that look like? Ok now imagine of our lesser demons took that same wheel look 20 years down the road. Do you think I wanna live like this? Do You?

I’ll tell you what’s different. My party would continue to maintain a safety net for those who really need it. We want to maintain a an economy where business is encouraged to grow and provide new jobs. We welcome legal immigrants, but reject open borders. We think that able bodied people should be strongly encouraged to work.

The leaders of your party want “the nanny state” with every “need” provided by the government. They want to tax and regulate private enterprise virtually to extinction. They have opened our boulders completely and will give illegal immigrants everything for free. AOC has said that anyone who doesn’t want to work shouldn’t have to work. They should “kept” at everyone else’s expense. She is not the “radical Democrat;” she is the “normal Democrat.”

If you want to know the “heart and soul” of your party, listen to AOC and Bernie Sanders, who is openly socialist. They are the people who set the agenda for your party.

You’re going to learn what ruined the soviets when the neglected their working class the people they swore to serve when you pretend to pay us we pretend to work. Never ending wars in Afghanistan Cities on fire, Laborforce Participation At all time lows, People embracing homelessness. I believe socialism implies some form of Trade Unions working in tandem with the state to seize the means of production. I think you’re mistaking and grossly overstating where democrats stand on “The General Welfare of”. Companies pay poverty wages and the state knowing this subsidizes that business practice by giving low quality medical care and roughly 200 per person a food benefit. Jeff Bezo’s just shat a giant phallus into space at 28 million a seat yet I a Medicaid recipient needs back surgery, but was handed Norco I have no intention of filling because. I don’t wish the side effects and mentality that come with opiates. My wife and I work and we raise our son, yet are paid so little we can’t afford a silver plan, are forced to buy into medicaid. So you wanna tell me you want to make a bid for universal healthcare care no? How about a minimum wage that is indexed to inflation or productivity using the 1968 standard? Then no you are the party of business, and I don’t see that changing unless corporate types favor sodomy so much they pay extra taxes or pretend to like they are now. When K street money hit my party in the 90s it devastated the working poor. Both parties are extreme corporate one of them just pretends to pay penance. So how do you feel about the working poor those with a family of 3 or 4 working for 19k-34k with a mortgage barely getting by? We’ve gone to college we’ve bettered ourselves we don’t drink or smoke… there is no market for higher skills unless you know someone, we have moved twice for economic advantage. I started out at 18 homeless. So tell me Mr Send GOP who’s daddy was pulling 70k in the 50’s how hard you have it and how much the GOP cares for the working poor? I worked with my local Democratic party and the woman running for the congress seat said no one gives a shit unless you can afford to pay to play on either side. Sorry this got a little personal but even Obama care was a plan that was cooked up by the heritage foundation in 1988 as an alternative to Universal Healthcare. Both Parties are corporate and The Squad and Bernie stand out yes that’s true but not even they are marxist or neo-marxist. If AOC and Bernie ran the party Joe Manchin and Sinema wouldn’t be stroking the phillibuster err I mean Filibuster, taking billions from Corporate groups like No Labels… the same people working with the Lincoln project that took out your man Trump. So if we get sold to China as you are saying what have the working poor lost? You don’t dare blame us it’s the corporate types who went diving into the Yuan like it was a new dollar. You think I have access to raw currency? You’re first defense against China is my cousin who is in the marines and is a die hard Bernie supporter. We fight your wars, we wash your clothes, we detail your BMWs, we do flooring in your homes, we work retail but when we need surgery were told its not covered. I love this country and have given so much but so little has come back. I have not hidden the fact I am Social Democrat who disavows communism because of its corruptive nature. The Soviet Union harvested 250 Million Ton of grain but only 50 million ton ever made it to the shelf due to corruption in 1981. No one not AOC not Bernie is talking 5 year planning were talking Copy Pasting the Swedish Model to United States. Do not homeless vets deserver more sir?

What ruined the Soviets (not really; they just went bankrupt and reorganized) was that their socialist economy (predictably) failed.

I’m OK with Democrats supporting their issues … welfare, minimum wage, abortion, open borders, gender confusion, taxes etc. … as long as they fight for them in a constitutional manner by legislation.

I am not OK with suppression of free speech, freedom of religion, right to privacy, right to keep and bear arms and fair and transparent elections … basically the bill of rights. If you don’t like that, amend the Constitution and good luck with that.

Don’t give me the song and dance that you do not support these suppressions of liberty … the people you vote for do; either directly or in close cooperation with their running dogs in Big Tech, big city mayors, and the alphabet agencies. These are not right wing issues, in my lifetime they were once championed by Democrats.

Whether you personally support the trampling of liberty or not, you are enabling it every time you vote D.

The MAGA movement is taking over the POS Republican Party from the top down to the bottom up … precincts, school boards etc. Maybe you democrats should do the same and take back your party from the far left fascists.

Personally, if I am confronted with a ballot containing a worthless Republican or a fascist Democrat I have and will leave it blank. For decades I voted for the lesser of two evils (Bush, McCain, Romney etc.) NEVERMORE.

@akaOldDog your legit finally someone who’s willing to talk for real, Facebook selectively censors and allows some VIP accounts to say whatever they want a blatant disregard for section 203 of the CDA. Youre darn right to po’ed about that. You should be able to follow whatever religion you want check and note, I’m for the right to privacy as well I feel the patriot act and 2012 NDAA really did a number on those. Pro 2nd gun owner myself. All of that is protected by the constitution. I don’t want to deviate from it and that’s why I buck my party on the 2nd so darn hard its like right there in the constitution. I like you advice to retake over the party. on my opinion of Maga vs Traditional Republicans nothing can get worse than the Afghan war it was like doubling down on Vietnam and doing it again and when Trump was in South Carolina bashing Jeb that was a turning moment and I respect your party for that.

@Unitedwestand, you are dog gonest Democrat I have ever seen. You remind me of my father. I could talk to him about the issues, and you would hear one conservative position after another. But when came to voting, he’d vote for anything the Democrats nominated.

He once told me he didn’t like all the people who were “on relief” (welfare) and hoped the Democrats would “learn their lesson” because they advocated giving out too much of it.

“But dad, Biden has one of the liberal voting records in the Senate,” I told him.

That didn’t matter, “Because Joe’s an honest man and knows what’s best for the country.” :upside_down_face:

Maybe my son grows up like you, a bleeding heart raised a more sound mind. He had his reasons… your father that is. The true deplorable, the crack cocaine users, the illiterate hateful, the ghetto shooters, when they don’t get their welfare check where do they go for cash they don’t get jobs they work their way into the suburbs, and take what honest men earn. I’m on the very edge of a city… and I can see people in more affluent areas being run over by what’s south of me if you don’t make “reparation” payments. The very wealthy the Jeff Bezos and the Very Poor the Crips and Bloods aren’t that different they take what they want damn the consequences. The police are demoralized by BLM, they no longer want to protect anything but the most influential. You need to revitalize the WORKING poor, and your plowshares will prosper. I hope the Maga faithful fight BLM as hard as they do the corporate types then you would make a MAGA out of me. Give a working man an honest wage, and I’d personally hold back the trash, well mind you I already am part of two crime watch groups in the area.