We Now Know Truckers and Stock Boys Are Vital, Hollywood Is Not

My Granddad used to say:

The dirtier the hands
The cleaner the money

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There is a bunch of Facebook posts that are saying “let’s remember to honor the truck drivers who are all working to keep us going!”

I keep replying “the best honor you can show is to remember after this is over to tell your politicians to get off our backs and leave us the hell alone”

I know it won’t happen but it would be a lot more useful than a bunch of “thumbs up” :wink:


Hollywood can’t do its job any more. They are supposed to entertain us, yet very few of the films they make these days are worth seeing. Look at the Academy Awards. It was a bore. The best picture was from South Korea, and you have sit and read subtitles to understand it. That is not my idea of entertainment.

In the mean time, the main thing we get from them are lectures about we are narrow minded and dismissive of their socialist politics. Of course they live in big houses and have large carbon footprints, but WE are supposed to knuckle under to their demands.

To hell with them! I have not seen a movie at a theater in years, but I do have an extensive collection of classic films that I tap into regularly.

There always have been Hollywood far left loons. The trouble is they rule dominate the industry today, and there little room in it for those who don’t agree with them.


Basically, DITTO. I don’t go to the movies any longer. The films are mostly BS nonsense or poor imitations of previous hits, plus I don’t feel I should have to take out a loan in order to buy a Coke and bag of popcorn. As a child, I could go to the movie, get a coke and box of popcorn and only spend a QUARTER! And, the movies were MUCH better back then. On Saturday mornings, I’d see an episode of a serial, 4 or 5 cartoons in a row and then a DOUBLE FEATURE film such as a John Wayne western or The Wizard of Oz…all for TWO BITS!


About a week ago, there was “news” that Tom Hanks and his wife both were positive for coronavirus. Who the heck cares?? I can’t stand Tom Hanks and don’t know anything about his wife. Maybe he could stand in front of a podium with a microphone and sob about how there’s too many angels in heaven. (See if any of you can figure out what I mean!)

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I quit caring about Tom Hanks the FIRST time I heard him trash our President–actually right before the election in 2016. BTW, CT, I GET the angels reference as being from two of his recent DaVinci movies, even though I never saw either of them.


I can’t stand those movies.

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AT this point and I realize it Is wrong, but I really wouldn’t care if any of them died from coronavirus…them and democrats. I

Well, you’re close, Pappa! He actually said that “There’s too many angels in Heaven” when he accepted the Oscar for his portrayal in the movie “Philadelphia”. Of course, he was sobbing and carrying on. I wonder if he would have shed tears for the millions of unborn babies slaughtered in their mothers’ wombs. He played a homosexual lawyer I think. His reference to “angels” meant homosexual men who have died from AIDS. Sickening.

I never saw THAT movie, either, CT. I stand corrected. Nor did I watch the award ceremony you reference. Primarily, because of the subject matter of the movie and the lionization of gayness and gay behaviors responsible primarily for the spread of HIV in the U.S. At the time, I was aware of the gay dentist who had INTENTIONALLY infected some of his straight patients with the disease, as well.

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I didn’t see the movie either and I didn’t watch the Oscars. I heard about it from the news. That dentist was in Florida while I lived there and the woman he infected with HIV/AIDS was Kimberly Bergalis. She was a 23 year old VIRGIN who never did any drugs during her lifetime. When she was unable to walk, her parents and supporters brought her via the train to DC. There, she made a very short statement about something. I don’t remember what it was, but it was something about HIV/AIDS and health care providers. She died a short time after that. There was another young woman whom he also infected, but I don’t remember the details. He was convicted of something and I don’t remember when or if he died. There is a special place in hell for people like him and abortionists.

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