We’re Keeping Tabs Now


PJM will be watching every GOP congressman who tried to campaign on Tea Party/conservative bona fides, keeping a scorecard, and pressing them when any vote contradicts their promises. Look out for our “Nothing Washes Over” project in the future.
For now, as the new Republican House and somewhat redder Senate is sworn in this week, it is perhaps germane to look back at the lame duck session so recently concluded. For all the posturing of the Republican Party after the election, it’s pretty clear they got their heads handed to them on a slew of issues. There were a couple of significant victories, however.

Pajamas Media » We’re Keeping Tabs Now: The GOP Lame Duck Scorecard

We must be ever vigilant that those we put in are indeed conservative politicians who will roll back the government from their headlong rush toward socialism and bankruptcy.

I know there are more poiliticans who have to be removed once 2012 elections come around


I hope you do.