We WILL fix climate change!

I find it funny when you quote them because their funding is from the Bill and Melinda gates foundation. Which is either the most altruistic pledge in history or the greatest tax dodge in history. Time will tell.

Bill Gates has become one of those billionaires who is drunk with power because of his wealth. George Soros is the worst example of this phenomenon.

I long for the days of the Rockefeller and Ford Foundations which kept out of politics and used their money for the common good.

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I know that Ford did get involved with political issues.

They didn’t have as many issues back in the day to get involved with

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And they also were not authoritarian socialists like Gates and Soros.

These guys really get on my nerves. Their mantra is “I made mine, and I am to going to keep it and force my political opinions on you. You may have made yours, but you can’t keep it because that is not compatible with my objectives.” Bloomberg is another one of these billionaire Bolsheviks who think their wealth gives them the right to rule over their “inferiors.”

They fly around in private jets that emit more carbon per person in a year than my activities will emit in my lifetime, yet they think that they are “morally superior” to everyone else.

John Kerry is another member of the elitist club, although he’s only a piker with a net worth of just under $600 million. Kerry didn’t earn any of that. He’s only good at marrying rich women.

End of Rant. :smiling_imp:

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