Not surprising. The apple does not fall far from the tree.

Either Junior doesn’t recognize empathy, or he does, but just can’t resist the temptation to capitalize politically on it.

Either way, it says more about Junior, than Biden.

C’om, man, you can do better than this.


Me? What about Jr.?

I get it. Not only is Donald Trump evil, but his entire bloodline must be put out of existence.



This picture, showing Biden looking at his watch sums up his attitude toward his total failure in Afghanistan.

• When can I turn the page and get on with pushing trillions of dollars in wasteful spending?
• Why do I have to waste my time on this ceremony?
• Can I leave now? This is boring and uncomfortable.


In 1992, near the end of one of the Bush - Clinton debates, George H.W. Bush looked at his watch. The liberal press immediately slammed him for that simple act.

Where is the liberal press now? Firmly in Biden’s hip pocket.

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Yes it was silly then and it’s silly now.

It’s a damn site more than silly.

It arguably makes some sense in a debate to make sure you have time to make your points.

While receiving caskets of fallen soldiers … a despicable display of one’s TRUE priorities.


Come on, you can do better than that. How hard do think it would be for me to find any President, even your beloved Trump doing something equally as unceremonious in a time when décor matters?

Was it a poorly timed (pun intended) gesture? Sure. Is it a crisis of priorities? Does it mean anything more broadly? Time will tell, as we shouldn’t judge based on a single action.

So, do you think it would be difficult for me to hit Google and pull out some unflattering images of Trump? Do you think that if I found a single image that I could assume his priorities from that image?

Let’s be honest, these kinds of things against Biden and Trump are about stoking our rage against each other, something neither of us is entirely immune from.

BTW, for what it’s worth, I think, in the past I’ve judged you too harshly (and given Sendgop too much credit). There are times in which you surprise me with your moderation and common sense.


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I’ll cut right to the chase. With all of the policy debacles presented to Americans by Biden and members of his administration during the first 7 months of his presidency, now and most notably the disastrous handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan/leaving Americans behind, etc. - the silence by most congressional Democrats and spin/lies by Biden and members of his administration - at least one thing is abundantly clear; Biden, members of his administration and most Democrats in Congress have absolutely NO HONOR!!

I don’t know, but I might return here from time-to-time and I might not. I’ll close by saying to those of you who voted for Biden - a man with an undistinguished .50 year record in government and so obviously suffering a rapid mental decline - congratulations - you are responsible for facilitating, to quote Barrack Obama, “fundamentally changing America”. What our country is experiencing is what that looks like. And believe this - these changes are having and will have far ranging consequences you can’t even imagine.

Good luck to you all.
Michael, MD


The sad thing is, the only reason anyone likes Trump is because he wasn’t a democrat. And the only reason anyone voted for Biden is because he’s not Trump. We take what scraps we are given because… well that’s all we are given. :expressionless:

As I have said repeatedly, if there is a viable alternative to Trump in the Republican primaries, I will vote for him or her. I admire many of Trump’s positions on the issues and the fact that he has had the guts to stand up to the liberal BS in the press.

The main stream media is totally biased and virtually useless. You can’t trust a thing they report unless it is confirmed by other sources. They have no credibility.

The trouble with Trump is that he talks too much and never knows when to draw his statements and interviews to a conclusion. He also needs to tone it down, and let others be the attack dogs. They were a corrupted team, but Nixon and Agnew were masters at that, with Agnew acting as the pit-bull. Trump should have had a designated pit-bull to deal with the dishonest mainstream press.


Yeah, instead we got Mike Pence. I would have gone with Steve Bannon.

Yea, the only problem with that is if Trump died, Bannon would be President. Didn’t he engineer the stupid move in the 2018 Alabama Senate race that left us with an unelectable candidate who managed to turn a solid blue state red? It gave us two years of liberal senator, Doug Jones.

Selecting a vice presidential candidate is a huge responsibility, but some party leaders never learn. The Democrats gave us Kamala "TEE-HEE” Harris. Perhaps picking Harris was a way to keep Biden in longer. Al Gore has proven to be dumber than he looked. And now we see what a dumb pick Biden was for Obama.

On our side, we had McCain picking Sarah Palin, and Nixon picking Agnew. Dan Quale wasn’t exactly a Rhodes scholar.

I understand it was four such gestures in that same ceremony.

I would have liked Mike Pence for president, and maybe Trump as a political hatchet man.

Are we really going to argue “gestures” as a litmus test to a presidents capacity to do his job, because anyone that supported Trump, directly or indirectly is going to have some trouble with this.

As I said, looking at your watch is in extremely poor taste and a definite lapse in judgment. However, when assessing the character of someone like Biden, is he generally thought of as compassionless? Is the example of the watch largely endemic of his personality?

Taken as a whole, I don’t think we’ve had a President as filled with compassion and empathy as Biden. The man wears his heart on his sleeve (for better or worse), so if I give Biden a pass for this particular indiscretion or criticize Trump, it’s not because he’s a dem and Trump’s a Repub, but because of the content of their character and past behavior taken as a whole.

No, I’m arguing “gestures” as a measure of his lack of respect for the dead (whose deaths I would argue are on his head). A good disciplined president I could see checking his watch maybe once, but not four times.

As to Trump, I never considered him a class act.

The only people Biden really cares about are members of his family. If you think that his very public grief over the death of his son shows compassion for other people in general, you are misreading the kind of person he is. Biden is a third rate hack politician who left “public service” in the dust long ago, just like Hillary Clinton.

Yes, but Trump gets a pass because “He’s not a politician”, right?