Trump is in the rear view mirror. Biden is the puppet in charge now, and so far he’s failing at everything.

Afghanistan, keep our allies informed, maintaining a positive image for our country, inflation, unemployment, handling the pandemic, government spending … he’s wrong on all of those issues. He couldn’t even act like a gentleman at the return of 13 service members at Dover Air Force Base who lost their lives because of his blunders. Instead he acted like a ten year old in church, checking his watch waiting for the service to end. Come to think of it, he has the mind of a ten year old, so we shouldn’t be surprised.

Maybe his failures will save us from his disastrous $3.5 trillion dollar spending bill. In this case, the entire leadership of the Democrat Party is acting like ten year olds.

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But alas, expect for the next two decades, the left to incite the name of Trump constantly. I think Bush was far worse I don’t understand this.

Let’s go for three terms!

When this guy wakes up out of his stupor after the Democrat win that has him drunk with power, maybe he’ll find out how screwed we are with the mess that the Democrats have put in the Executive Branch. We’ve got a senile old man who is taking instructions from people whose goal it is to destroy the country and our freedoms, and a socialite whose only qualifications are her gender and race.

Biden - Harris was the worst winning ticket in history. At least Pierce and Buchanan thought that slavery was good for the economy. All Biden can think of is spending trillions of dollars that the Federal Reserve has to create or the country gets from selling bonds to Communist China.

I don’t recall suggesting or implying that similar behavior from Trump would get a free pass.

I knew I respected you for a reason.

That OP photo of Biden bowing his head reminds me of the photo of Lyndon Johnson leading beside his desk in despair when the weight of the Vietnam War was crushing his presidency. You might feel compassion for them as human beings. Then you remember how their policies and mishandling of their implementation ruined many lives, and your sympathy for them evaporates.