Weiner says he would beat Trump Jr. like 'rented mule' in mayoral race


Weiner says he would beat Trump Jr. like ‘rented mule’ in mayoral race | Fox News

In an interview with someone when discussing George W Bush, this person being interviewed said, “no disrespect to George, but they elected the wrong Bush”. Which suggested that Jeb would have been a better choice. Point I’m making is that after hearing Trump Jr. speak and reading about his commitment to conservative values, I might say the same thing if Donald wins. Donald might come around on policies, but his son is already there.

Ultimately, Weiner would probably lose by a wide margin if ethics is ever an issue to voters of NY.


Weier is good at beating his gums and something else.


Yeah, that’s a throwaway line the Left likes to use.

We were fighting the wrong war, too. Until the Left was in control, and they decided they wanted to lose ALL wars to Islamic crazies. Which we should have seen, since they elected a covert Moslem with fake citizenship papers.

But…they don’t think we elected the wrong Bush. They just wanted a Bush easier to beat and to demonize. And Jebster Shrub is the perfect foil…looks stupid, accomplished little, contempt for his own party’s voters.


Weiner is a good name for wiener, the only thing better is if his first name was Richard…


'Stead of Carlos Danger, he should have used the Web name “Richard Cranium.”


Rented mules everywhere are nervous around Weiner. If this clown were a Republican he would be one of the biggest political embarrassments of all freaki’n time.

However, among Democrats he fits right in, so to speak.

I think Weiner should run for Mayor of NYC against the city’s current Democrat mayor, “Big Bird”.

Weiner wears glasses. His campaign logo could be a pair of glasses with a weenie extending upright between the two lenses.