Welcome to planet COOF 2021

I was waiting at the bus stop outside yesterday, with about 200 other people waiting to take the shuttle to my job. I was talking with an older fellow while we smoked cigarettes. We discussed how this corona thing is the democrats wet dream. We had our masks off. As I said, we were smoking.

Just then, some bus station cop walks up and tells us we have to have our masks on. We were outside. The old guy made a futile effort to tell this bus cop that we are outdoors. The cop wasn’t having it, either put our masks on or else. As in every situation like this, my eyes get really wide and I comply.

A similar thing happened at my job when me and a coworker were sitting in the cafeteria having a private conversation about how we believe the covid thing to be fake news. We were approached by a supervisor who told us we are not allowed to not believe in corona and demanded our badges. We had to go to HR to clear that up later that day.

People think I’m joking when I say soon it will be a capitol offense to take your mask off when you get in the shower.

Just wait.

Just wait.

The thing that gets me is that the CDC is now saying you now have to wear two masks. I am miserable with one. I wear it over my nose, like you supposed to. I see many people who are not doing that, which means the thing is useless. Some progressives are saying we will have wear masks forever.

All of this is about controlling other human beings. The left is obsessed with that. It’s ironic that my generation of leftists started out advocating freedom, like ending the draft and racial discrimination. Now it’s morphed into the party of control and oppression.

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Coof is the golden ticket for the democrats. Now they can control every aspect of us and our lives and all under the guise of helping us.

My jobs is extremely physically strenuous, and wearing two masks? That would be like trying to kill us for the purpose of… not letting covid kill us?

Make sure you die wearing three masks that way the coof won’t get you.

Makes sense.

So the 2 mask thing, it appears to be to protect the wearer better. Whereas only wearing 1 primarily protects others from you if you are in the early stages or asymptomatic.

That being said, I do wonder if there’s an angle to it for basic mask compliance. There’s still people outright refusing to wear masks, so maybe now instead of “there’s no way I’m wearing a mask” they’ll think “there’s no way I’m wearing 2 masks, I’m only wearing 1”