Well, isn't that something, my next favorite candidate turns out to be Ted Cruz


And I’ve actually been leaning this way.

isidewith.com picks Gary Johnson at 84 percent for me, followed by Ted Cruz at 75 percent and Ben Carson at 68 percent.

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Be sure to look at other options on each question and unfold the additional questions in each area. I think it’s amusing and interesting.

But if you don’t like the political quizzes and think they’re silly, don’t do it!


I think Ted Cruz would be a great president. Unfortunately he will not carry a single Blue or Purple State.


If Cruz, sticks to issues and off the trump rebuts, if he stumps the states and uses the media to his advantage ( Not sure how to do that myself) But lets all the people see him for who he is, he can win. But he has to outwork all the other by three times. He needs to spend more time on FOX, at least there he gets a fair hearing. Trump will self destruct eventually. He already has alienated fence sitters. Trump has also recently, been threatening to go third party. So you know where his real loyalties lie. He also threatens to sue Cruz. For that case I say go ahead and look the fool. Dig the hole deeper.
As for Carson. He is toast, and sadly he falls further down the line. He never really got traction and as nice a person and accomplished a surgeon as he is, he is not presidential material.
Now MY thoughts on running mates
I like Cruz with Fiorina, but reality says Cruz with Rubio. But somehow I doubt Rubio would be interested. Therefore it might come down to Cruz and Christi. The reason I like Christi is he would be the hatchet man in congress


Trump 87
Cruz 82

It’s remarkable just how few issues I even care about. %80 of that stuff got slid all the way over to “Least”.


Took the quiz:

Trump 98
Carson 97
Rubio 96
Cruz 90
Fiorina 90
Christie 87
Bush 87
Johnson 61
Bloomberg 56
Clinton 33
Sanders 17

Well, at least they got first and last place correct.


Cruz 76.
Carson 71.
Johnson 68.
Trump 64.

Clinton 21.


Cruz and Rubio 89% (except that Rubio is lying about his positions)
Trump 87% (ridiculous since I know Trumps positions and they are not my answers)
Carson 86% (same as Trump, ridiculous)
Bush 76%
Johnson 68% (I doubt that also)
Bloomberg 55%
Clinton 9%
Sanders 4%


yeah, I took the quiz
Trump 96
Carson 91
Rubio 86
Cruz 86
Bush 75
Johnson 57
Bloomberg 37
Clinton 25
Sanders 7
Problem with this is, I sincerely doubt, Trump actually believes in his own psuedo-convictions, Carson doesn’t have and never got real traction, Rubio makes breakfast waffles. The rest don’t count.


The only personality on FOX that gives Cruz a fair shake is Hannity. Cruz was on the morning show yesterday. They were OK with his position on filling Scalia’s seat but, when he started defending his record against fraudulent claims or claims that he lied, they wouldn’t hardly let him talk. FOX has chosen Rubio or Bush and that is who they push all the time. They give Trump all the time that they need for their ratings. Other than that, its Rubio and Bush 24/7.


Ted Cruz 95%


Plus, as you likely know, Cruz was pointing out FOX’s bias just the other day by asking if they weren’t going to give him as much air time as they did Rubio for coming in 3rd place.
So, as you say, Cruz is not going to get a ‘fair hearing’ out of the people who have a tingle up their leg for Rubio.