Well, the old hag served her purpose...


I have a feeling there will be more rats leaving the ship… I guess she served her purpose. Interesting that this woman, who claims to be so evolved has allowed herself to be whored out by her amoral husband and now by her fearless leader. Women like her are an affront to any intelligent woman. Unfortunately, they are not the majority of women.

Hillary Clinton preparing to leave State Department - UPI.com


She made a mess of things but know this, Bill is grooming her for the 2016 run. and she does have a strong following. I do have a hunch she will be silent for 1 year and then write an explosive tell all book exposing Obama. [for her political gain]


I hate to say this, but I would prefer her over BO. (Please don’t shoot me!!)


Prefer Hillary over BO? Hell, I’d prefer a coin over Obama. Heads or tails - at least we would have a 50-50 chance of getting things right.

Hillary tirelessly flew all over the world meeting with leaders on behalf of her boss. While she appeared busy and engaged I honestly can’t think of anything she actually accomplished other than appearing to be busy and engaged and helping Obama in presiding over the withdrawal of security in Benghazi that set up one of her ambassadors for murder and the sacrafice of 3 other brave souls. It appears voters love political whores such as Bill and Hillary. They keep embracing them.

Now, who takes her place? How about Susan Rice - our UN ambassador? She’s the one Obama sent out on the Sunday news/talk shows tasked to sell the myth that there was no terrorist attack on our embassy in Benghazi, but rather it was a spontaneous demonstration as a result of an internet movie. She’s Obama’s whore, clearly dishonest and a complete f–k up. I can’t think of anyone more qualified to represent this administration abroad.


Yeah, I think Rod-em will write a tell-all book, but it will be too little too late. Just like libs. They all make me physically ill.


She’s not going to write a “tell all” book unless she ends up being sighted in as the head stooge in the Benghazi fiasco. Not if she aspires to be POTUS. I’m sure the House committee will take up Banghazi. But, the administration will stonewall it, Repubs in the House will try to cover too much ground, the public will soon become confused and then disinterested. Ask yourself - what happened to the “fast and furious” cleuster fleuken? Answer: A lot of dust, finger-pointing and stonewalling


And a lot of protecting one’s own arse…


I just had a thought… In 2016, when Rod-em makes a pitch for the WH, why don’t we have Condoleeza run against her??? Wouldn’t that be absolutely brilliant?? OMGosh! Then, the REAL racism will show through!


Who would want the job after 4 more years of destruction?


True, but the idea sure does delight the senses, doesn’t it?


I think we should try something that actually succeeded the last time we tried it (Reagan). That is, nominate a true conservative to run against whomever the Democrats put up. I cringe when I hear intelligent people, like Krauthammer, suggest we can only win back the White House by becomming more like Democrats. If that is true then I would conclude we are completely screwed and ask, what the hell’s the point??!!


I agree wholeheartedly. There is another thread on this forum where I was trying to respond to a commentor who was saying the same thing that the only way the GOP will ever win another election is to compromise social conservative ideals. I didn’t get to first base…and that seems to be the bigger problem: the GOP is fractured into so many differing opinions that we actually are the cause of our own defeats. Somehow, if the GOP conservative party is to survive, we either have to all come together and agree on a set of principles, or we have to disband. Plain and simple. “A house divided against itself will not stand.”


I agree, but I’m not sure but what it’s too late. Or that a true conservative would want to take on the job. Or that there are any left that are half-way qualified.


Another BINGO…

Susan Rice, yea even more of a sycophant than almost anyone up there…and would actually be worse. She is a MAJOR UN Agenda 21 suckup…look for Agenda 21 to be adopted by the Senate…

Hillary I don’t think is gonna run for POTUS. She is 65 now and that would make her almost 70 when she walks in.

But she is not running and she will NOT be on the ticket.

I gave a talk last nite at a meeting and I asked the question of the auidence: Who will be the NEXT POTUS (2016)?

Julian Castro, Mayor of San Antonio Texas if he wins the Governors seat in Texas, but then bammy had never even been a mayor, in fact bammy did not have the qualifications of even a busboy at mickey D’s


Susan Rice:

Obama Administration Endorses New U.N. Arms Trade Treaty Negotiations

Posted on November 9, 2012

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Just as NRA warned would happen, following the election, the Obama administration has moved forward with its plans to support a United Nations Arms Trade Treaty. On Wednesday November 7, the U.S. Mission to the U.N. made clear its support for renewed ATT negotiations, casting a vote in favor of resolution A/C.1/67/L.11. The resolution calls for a “Final United Nations Conference on the Arms Trade Treaty” to be held in New York City from March 18-28.

Undeterred by the failure of July’s U.N. Conference on the ATT, in recent months the global civilian disarmament groups and their patron governments have been working nonstop to revive the treaty. Most visible were the attempts made by participants at the Second Review Conference of the UN Programme of Action on Small Arms and Light Weapons. At the conference, U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon used his time to state, “an arms trade treaty is long overdue… I urge you to redouble efforts to agree on a robust ‘ATT’ as soon as possible.”

NRA-ILA | Obama Administration Endorses New U.N. Arms Trade Treaty Negotiations


BANG!..BANG! (neither shot was for you)


That’s what I’ve been saying.


You do know she’s a lesbian, right? Not that I care, just wondered if you knew.
Besides which, she has absolutely no desire for the position.
Come to think of it, has there ever been a Sec. of State who has?

I agree w/Mike that there won’t be any tell-all book from Hillary. Not that I think she’s above all that, ethically-wise; she’s just too darn smart to do something that’d damage any future career choices.
I don’t see her running for prez again, either. As a matter of fact, I always thought she’d leap at a U.N. embassadorship by now. Guess Sec of State suited her desires more at the time.
If there’s anything that woman knows, it’s how to get what she wants. And that would be power.


2cent: No, I didn’t know she was a lesbo. Ewwwww! :sick: Maybe that is why she put up with the slob from Arkansas for so long. It doesn’t appear that she likes BO very much. I wonder what her relationship is with the czareena. I really don’t think she would have much of a change at the WH especially now after the Benghazi debacle. But, then again, I didn’t think it possible for BO to be re-elected either. I do believe that one of the reasons she is resigning is because she has been and will continue to be the fall guy for BO. I guess she had enough of that when she was “standing by her man” while in the WH.


Careful what you say about “slobs from Arkansas.” wink/wink LOL.

Wait a minute. 'Maybe that’s why WHO put up with the slob from AR? Condoleeza Rice? She was Bush’s Sec of State, and afaik, had no dealings whatsoever w/the Clinton’s. (But that’s who, I was referring to - C. Rice - when I mentioned someone being a lesbian; not Hillary. Wouldn’t surprise me, but I doubt it. Hillary strikes me as downright frigid in that dept.)

The Clinton’s loathe the Obama’s, but are so power mad that they aren’t ones to let a good crisis go to waste. Or a halfway decent stepping stone.

FWIW, most Sec’s of State, W.H. press secretaries, and even AG’s retire after the first term; just not usually so soon after the election. WOWZA, are they ever jumpin’ ship in a hurry! Quicker 'n a gold digger drops a fake w/empty pockets.

Oh, and btw, Hillary can’t write a ‘tell-all’ book, or she’d have to tell on herself. She’s got too much pride to admit that she wasn’t, after all, named after that guy who hiked Mt. Everest…after she was born. lol.