Well, this explains a lot about Obamacare in Oregon


I’ve been more than confused by things I’ve observed with Obamacare and Medicaid – never mind the so-called “market.” This explains the Medicaid side of it. Democrats really do suck.

State of Oregon says it may have dispensed millions to ineligible Medicaid recipients | OregonLive.com


Chances are, many states - especially those run by Ds (like that moron-state on your southern border) - have similarly failed to continue eligibility verification … if eligibility was ever verified. Bureaucrats who save taxpayer $$ are “rewarded” with budget cuts.


Governments, both state and federal, are incapable of effectively and EFFICIENTLY administering large, highly regulated and convoluted entitlement programs. Once established and once the recipients become “entitled” to the benefits paid for on someone else’s dime the political class uses the program as a club with which to beat the program opponents, complete with granny being pushed over the cliff. In spite of obvious program/entitlement deficiencies, any threat of even an entitlement program overhaul is met with a picture of granny hitting the rocks below. The message works every time. This is why I stated any number of times on this site leading up to the 2012 presidential election that, while Romney was a poor choice to be addressing Obamacare and not the best candidate among Republicans for conservative to rest our hopes on, the reelection of Obama would without ANY doubt result in the permanence of Obamacare leading to single-payer, centralized government healthcare. In the last four and one half years since Obama’s reelection, Obamacare has successfully woven its tentacles into the fabric of medical insurance delivery and the psych of a significant number of Americans to the point that it has joined other entitlement programs as the “3rd rail” of American politics. As a result and in my opinion, any serious attempt by the Trump administration to significantly rollback Medicare expansion and repeal or even overhaul Obamacare will amount to relatively inconsequential “tweaks” that will have virtually no effect on placing downward pressure on medical and medical insurance costs. The Left has successfully removed medical care/insurance from the demands of market forces and the inherent cost controls the free market provides. With respect to 1/6 of this nation’s economy, we are all - or soon will be - socialists now.


How many caught the wild outrage against the Miss America Pagent winner recently when she answered this question:

? Do you think healthcare is a right?

NO, its not a right.

The far left melted down over that and they fact that she as a BLACK woman could feel that way.