Well we aren’t surprised

If it has meat to it a court will bite until then it’s about as wide open as area 51 lore.

Let’s see them produce the video at least.

Yeah Biden already got in and has been wrecking the country for the past year so it’s all meaningless and you can’t turn back time. But I expect that the further and further we get away from the election, more and more stories like this will pop up when they aren’t totally shut down by the liberal media/government. It will never gain enough traction for there to be any sort of official pronouncement of a stolen election; that would cause way too many problems

I get all my news from The Gateway Pundit. They have never been shown to be completely dodgy. Whenever a leftist comu-tart AOC lovin’ socialist quotes CNN, I point out that The Gateway Pundit is exactly the same.

God* Bless Steve Bannon

*The Christian one, not the Jew one.

I can’t believe it’s not news. Reliable Center Right sources WSJ, The Hill, The Economist, Foreign Policy Mag

Reliable Center Left Wing Sources: NPR, AP, Reuters, Politico, NYT, Wapo, CBS News.

fun joke about partisan news.

Maybe I should spell it out. The Gateway Pundit is parasitic media. A left wing example would be DailyKos.

Do I need to explain what parasitic media is?

I know what it is, it exists to provide a point not a fact. It will bend logic on it’s head and then try to sell your crap vitamins. Worldnetdaily back in the day used to be the definition of Alt-Reality news same thing with Rense. Far Far Right John Birch Anti-semetic stuff gateway pundit is like extreme Murdoch right-washing.

Dude the left owns the term antisemitic. You are the most antisemitic people on the planet. You only stand up for Jews when it suits your narrative.

My secret Crush is Sarah Silverman, and the Head of the Democratic Party is Chuck Schumer who is Jewish, and the 2000 Democratic VP was Jewish. Barack Obama’s chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel was Jewish. Michigan’s Atty General is Jewish she faced several anti-Semitic threats from Muskegon County Gop Leader Zach Larhing.

Dem to Republican ratio is flooring.

YOU ARE LITERALLY IN THE PARTY OF DAVID DUKE AND DONALD TRUMP IT DON"T GET MORE ANTI-SEMETIC THAN THAT. and You can scream Jared Kushner till the sky turns red ain’t no one give a crap it’s not like Trump had much say in that.

His son-in-law is Jewish, and he moved the Israeli embassy to Jerusalem. After several past Presidents before him came and failed to do the same.

That’s a hard fail on your part.

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Moving the embassy was not pro jewish it was pro-Zionist those are two different things. Infact if that was a miscalculation it could of started a war that would make 1967 look small. I’ve always said Republicans love Israel and Hate Jews, and Democrats Hate Israel and love Jews.

PARTY OF DAVID DUKE nuff said there is no absolving that.

Except David Duke started politics as a Democrat.

You also have Ilhan Omar, who a sitting anti-Semite.

And this isn’t just something we see in the left here. It’s also fashionable with the left in the U.K..

Jews = money in many eyes, and whose more likely to hate people with money right now?

That’s what I thought.

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RE-ALIGNMENT! FFS, Read any book on the Southern Strategy of Nixon. We switched places in the late 60s early 70s.

She is a flipping joke that pays homage to a muslim majority district a mistake of epic proportions. I’d really like to de-align with CAIR and all that stuff.

Ah, but that’s the dirty secret here; you are aligned with CAIR, and that’s the conduit that creeps anti-Semitism in. Britain’s the same way. And a former terrorist is the one of the first who points this out.

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Money Money Money, We like Cair about as much as your like the Lincoln Project. I wish both parties could say hey if you are racist don’t vote for us, don’t run in our primaries we won’t seat you but here we have Omar, Goasar, Steve King, Lauren Bobert.

The Lincoln Project isn’t appointing aides to ruling politicians.

Council of Conservative Citizens bankrolls presidential candidates, CAIR has less influence than groups like those have on yours it’s one seat one seat. I really hope MN redistricts the eff out of that seat. Combine the 5th and 2nd make it impossible.

Who are clearly as rich as the Muslim Brotherhood, backed by Oil-wealth princes.

And who contribute 0 people as aides.