Well we aren’t surprised

Who Sucks Saudi Donkey Dong? Hmmm I wonder what party has the deep deep ties to the house of Saud… hmmm house of saud trained Jihad to fight Russians in Afghanistan Buildings Came down daddy was president back in 88/89… PNAC needed a reason for war, hmmm not even the mainstream media could bite that truth, they care about corporate profits more than that. You wanna talk about a family that caused Muslims to screw up this country more than any other you look at four letters BUSH


Was Osama a patsy for PNAC? We funded him why would he unless we paid him? It makes no sense. Also it took what 12 years to find him and we stood down at Tora Bora. So tell me who funds 3000 deaths, tell me GHWB AND GWB. You’re right winger lover boy Alex Jones knows this as fact, and so does Glen Beck and Ron Paul. Throw them all under the bus now?

No Bid contracts with hailburtion who profited from Islamic evil and you’re pissed about one deranged congresswoman who on her average day is at par with Gossar.

I’m asking you, who has aides, from anti-sematic organizations?

You seem to be getting cross for having no response other than CAIR to Democrats.

Republicans sniffed out that connection, and were greeted with “Islamophobia” responses for their effort.

Also, this, in case you didn’t know who I was referring to before in Britain:

Democrats have the same problem.

It’s not as deep as it is with Labour and it’s what killed Labour in the UK and it’s gonna kill us here if we don’t get that sht out of our party, but you people do it through back channels. Alex Jones knows it though good friends with Trump 3000 dead, Saudi’s, PNAC, Alqeuda I wish CNN or any lamestream media would call you folks out on the history with that CIA SHT.

Cloak & dagger and innuendo, is never as bad as having people openly do it & platform it.

And again, aides from the middle east, advocating that position, and criticizing them being called “bigotry”.

It shouldn’t be bigotry when they cut our arm every time we try to help a friend, those people those I know they call it a religion but it’s a political system like communism you know it I know it, it has different flavors different funders. Goes back to the Ottoman. You know it’s not a religion it shouldn’t be protected more so than communism. Communism has books and a guy and adherents. You’re gonna put me in Deus Vult mode so lets not, lets not we both agree Omar is a POS and the system from the broken Caliphate is a nightmare for any developed country or even illiberal democracy, or autocratic regime.

Our Civil system has had a clear break with theistic teleology, the same can be said of marxism or even fascism as disgusting as it is.

Not according to many a Jew, including one who used to be active here. Like others, I suspect that oftentimes (especially in political circles), “anti-Zionism” is code for anti-Jewish.

Look man I love Jewish people. I had a crush a mega crush on Sarah Silverman in my teens. If I wasn’t a Christian. If I didn’t literally believe in Jesus Christ being the living son of God. I would likely identify as Jewish just for all the cultural & hisotrical reasons. I envy what the Jewish people have created in so little time a thriving country in a barren desert. Just like the swedes made a thriving country in a barren iceland. Israel is the only democracy south of Turkey. I respect the state of Israel within the 1968 boundaries. Just like Russia is defying the UN with Crimea & Donbas, Israel is defying the UN with occupied territories. China has done the same thing by taking areas of Bhutan.

If anyone was to ever be anti-semetic that would be a bigger deal breaker than conservative. I hold Nazi’s in the lowest regard. The very lowest regard. 6 Million souls cry out to the heavens, and for what because one man and his prejudice?

I would debate a conservative I wouldn’t even debate or entertain an anti-semite.

I wasn’t specifically referring to you. I qualified my comment with “oftentimes” (as in it’s oftentimes used as a code etc.).