We're back?

I thought this place died. Looks like it just updated? What happened?

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I had assumed that the FBI in conjunction with the Democratic Party were shutting it down for insurrection , treasonous activity and anti-Biden sentiment.
Guilty as charged.

LOL! @Senator_Foghorn.

“Mary Poppins” has not cranked up her censorship machine yet. She’s also nine months pregnant so she might be on maternity leave just like our next to useless Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg, was.

Pete is qualified to be the next President and deserves to go to the White House because he’s gay. It’s their turn after all. We have not had a gay President since, perhaps, James Buchanan. Pete’s main qualification for high office hinges on what he does in the privacy of his bedroom.

When you are Democrat, gender, sexual orientation and race are all more important than if you can do the job. In fact, a President who can flush the U.S. down the toilet is good because the U.S. is evil and corrupt according the Progressive Democrats. Therefore we deserve what we get from an incompetent President.

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Yes, I figured this place was a goner. I was about ready to take it off my iPad and desk top.

Since Obama you mean

I don’t know what happened. All I know is that it wasn’t up yesterday morning (and for the last couple of weeks), and now it is. It’s been down for months a time or two. One of those was just before the current owner took over and changed software from the abandoned vBulletin.

Okay, I’m noticing posts that say two days, yet I wasn’t able to get on yesterday morning. I don’t get it. :open_mouth:

Leaseweb (your Host or who ever sub hosts on their network) parked your website. There was a default this domain www.republicanoperative.com is available by lease web. Either it was a partial datacenter failure or you were behind on bills.

April is the pay month that was slow in coming hence the temporary shutdown.

Where is the owner by the way still not a peep from him in over 1 1/2 years?

Where is the “current” owner?

Not me. I’m just a moderator.

I don’t know.

Little Same James Island hanging out With John Mcaffee and Epstein.

We lost a ton of folks the last time this happened!:worried:

Yeah, and it WILL happen again as we have ANOTHER absentee owner onboard if he is even alive at all.

More and more I regret not taking ownership of this forum when the original boss offered it to me then there would have been ZERO hacks and always here to keep watch on the place.

You are more than just a Moderator you are the only one in forum office who cares to keep going despite the owner (if he is alive) being chronically absent for 2 years now?

Bravo to you!