We're in the 3rd year of a national Temper Tantrum

The theme of the upcoming election is crystal clear. They’re revolting in Iraq. They dragged a mayor in Mexico. Europe is tyrannized by Merkel and Brussels, and Brexit looms.

Here, in America, our President has been attacked by the permanent bureaucracy aka “deep state”. Aided by the leftist media, they’ve conspired to overturn the election of Donald J. Trump. Isn’t it remarkable a CIA leaker placed in the White House, a cohort of John Brennan, has the power to nullify your vote, my vote; the votes of 63 million Americans? Imagine a cabal of leakers and liars, a handful of people, decide to overturn an election and those few people have more power than millions of registered voters. Imagine the gall of that mindset. Well, you don’t have to. You can watch them on TV/web working a coup in progress.

And so here it is. A real Orwellian nightmare.

Orwell knew not the internet. In my parents day, they didn’t know much about Pearl Harbor in real time. Nor did they understand the breadth and depth of what was going on in Hitler’s Germany or of the infiltration of communism that began with Wilson. Radio brought information, and tv was better. But tv was managed, so the deep state bloomed in the 1960s, flourished in the Clinton years, and came of age in the Obama administration. Rudy Giuliani summed it up pretty well last night when he said Joe Biden’s been selling his office for 30 years. Harry Reid: another deeply corrupt man who got rich off his Senate seat did it too and he’s just one of countless democrats who did. Look at the political baggage: The Clinton Foundation. Clinton emails. Benghazi, The Steele Dossier. Barisma. Rosemont Capital. Rosewood Seneca. Devon Archer. Hunter Biden. Chris Heinz (son of Sen John Heinz, stepson of John Kerry). The democratic party has a history of corruption and graft, going back at least a hundred years.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. So did the Democratic Party become all powerful of just assume it? Or perhaps powerful enough, to be outraged enough, to assume they could form a resistance and rid themselves of Trump by sheer will?

This campaign comes down to the oldest of battles: good vs evil. Trump knows when he frames his campaign as Democrat global corruption vs a good economy and and a more prosperous life for Americans, he’s got it locked. Promises made, promises kept. And, we get the House. This is how we win again.

The dems are a big ol buck tearing through the woods, its huge rack thrown straight back, nose up, confident; because he knows these trails, every inch. But the trees are set to be cut, the swamp drained, and something they didn’t expect is standing in the trail and they’re running in full panic. They never saw this coming. The trail of corruption is what will bring them down.

Here’s a couple of good articles about the particulars of the foreign involvement…


I wish I were as positive of a second term for President Trump as you are. The dems and all its evil tentacles have been hard at work trying to oust Trump since the 2016 election–and they’re not finished yet. If ever there was a clear reason for impeachment it was BO. He and his ugly wife were openly anti-America, pro-muslim, anti-Israel, and I still don’t believe he is an American. Now, line those up with what the dems are calling for an impeachment of President Trump, and that will give a very clear picture of who should have been impeached. These dems aren’t merely “libera” but radical left-wing commies. They use the term “socialism” to soften what really is their agenda. Their socialism is the step ladder to communism make no mistake about it. Mark my words: These commies are going to pull out all the stops in the next year to destroy Trump and his goal of winning a second term.

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I think that you are right, ClassicaTeacher.

The Democrats love to run their mouth about how Trump is “unhedged,” but look at what they have done to him. We had two years of the Russia hoax. When that is finally over, they make up obstruction of justice charges and now they are creating this Ukrainian concoction. That’s enough to drive anyone to distraction. No president has ever had to put up with this.

I starting to think that this “whistleblower” is not a real person. It’s a strawman the Democrats have built to push this lie. At first this person would only testify anonymously perhaps behind a screen. Now he, she or it (the wrong pronouns concerning sexual orientation can get you in big trouble these days) does not want to testify at all and only issue a written statement. Add to that the fact that this person only has ONLY hearsay evidence.

No this “whistleblower” might not be a person at all. Perhaps the Democrats coaching an actor to play the role. Adam Shiff has already read a script to Congress that was totally bogus. If they continue not to allow the Republicans to subpoena witnesses or ask questions, that will make the actor’s job easier.

Mark my words, we are headed for a fascist state under the Democrats. I don’t think that is hyperbole. We have allowed the Communists to take over the education system from kindergarten through college, and we are now seeing the results. The young people are brainwashed and incapable of rational thought.


I hear you both. We thought that there was no way that DJT was going to win in 2016. God heard millions of people praying and he had mercy on us and there followed a DJT victory. God says he puts kings (leaders) in their positions and HE removes them. God protected this nation from another Clinton presidency. I don’t think we could have survived that. THIS is a respite for God’s people. You can tell Satan is furious by just looking around at this 'national temper tantrum. The left is unhinged. I"ve NEVER seen them this crazy.

I saw the rally last nite in spite of the media ignoring them. The President is STILL pulling in the numbers and even higher than he did the first go round. The media pushed hilliary and ignored the numbers candidate Trump was pulling in. And we sat there thinking 'how can she be in the lead when the excitement is wherever Trump goes. They’re trying that again this time. DON"T TELL ME that warren or biden are pulling in these kinds of numbers in support unless there is some kind of music venue going on too. LOL

Aren’t you sick of this impeachment talk? I am even sick of Fox. I intend to make the left pay for this. We all should. THis is a spiritual war. Christians have sat back for years and ignored the left’s plans and schemes but we can’t afford to do that anymore. Our lives, the nation’s survival…our children and grandchildren’s lives, well being and freedom depend on our action.


Before the virus it was a lock, for sure. Now Trump has to adjust his campaigning tactics, but he will probably still win.


We must pray very hard that he does. Prayer is essential in this decadent society.


everyday @ClassicalTeacher. Pray for protection for him and his family. (I also ask God to place his protective angels around The President and his family, around the white house, and at our borders so that none may pass). The media doesn’t want to just destroy his presidency. They want to destroy the man, his businesses, his finances, his wife, his children, his children’s businesses and finances. I don’t think they are satisfied with that though. I really think they want to torture him to the point of death and then do it again. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the hatred and the determination to destroy like we’re witnessing now with our current media. it’s alarming is what it is.

The fact that he was survived each assault and gained more support is enough for me to recognize that there is more than chance working here. He is supernaturally protected and I believe because so many people pray for him daily, as well as the ministers and pastors that go into the white house and place their hands on him as they pray. I, and my bible study group, pray for famine and drought( loss of power and money and prestige and an exposing of evil within) for at least a year. I think we are seeing answers to prayer. I didn’t expect it to happen in this manner but…God is just…and he is good.

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